Piano lessons

A daughter goes through the ups and downs of piano lessons to please her father.

 As kids, we always want to please our parents. Most of the time we do it to be nice and show them they raised us well, but sometime, we do it just to keep them off our backs. Taking piano lessons did just that, it kept father happy and gave me plenty of free time in exchange.

Father smiled proudly, sitting in the living room, looking at his lovely daughter practicing the piano. On the other side of that room sat a completely confused girl who just wanted to go play outside. I gazed at the music sheets blankly, seeing nothing but dots and lines that made no sense whatsoever. I sighed, put the headphones on and pretended to practice. And father smiled.

Somehow, I made progress. How? I had no clue. It was obvious that piano wasn't my thing, yet father bragged about my talents to everyone. What talents? I couldn't wrap my head around music to save my life. Teacher would correct the same mistakes over and over.

After a few years of those boring lessons, teacher thought I was ready to enter a competition. Oh god… he must have fallen on his head. What could he possibly see in me? I didn't like the piano, not one bit. I wanted to scream it to everyone, especially my father, but I couldn't bare to disappoint him. I sighed and agreed. Maybe when father would see how good the other kids are, he’d finally realize I had no talent and stop the stinking piano lessons.

Everything was ready; the keyboards were set, the lights were hung, the people were seated and my band mates were ready, but I was not. We walked towards the stage and were blinded by the lights. My eyes burnt, but thankfully it blocked me from seeing the crowd, I could only see faceless shadows. I focused on my part and waited… and waited. "This is taking a while." I said. When I looked up, the band mates were looking at me confused. I returned their look.

The teacher rushed to my side, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Why aren't we starting?"
"Julie... we started but you didn't play your part."
"What? No, that's impossible, I didn't hear a thing."

They had forgotten to put a speaker facing me. How was I supposed to know when it was my turn to play? "I'll have this fixed right away. Hang on." said teacher. Somehow, this felt like it was my fault. I looked around for teacher but he was gone. “What now?”

The shadows in the crowd started laughing and yelling. I wanted to run, hide and stay there forever. Was this the way the world would finally realize I had no talent? What a horrible way to go.

Then, louder than any other voice in the room came: "You can do it honey! I know you can." Father! I looked in the shadows hoping to see his face. I had forgotten he was there, he was always there. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was smiling. I smiled too.

Teacher gave us the go ahead and we played flawlessly this time. The crowd praised us, but I played for only one person: Father.

Maybe piano wasn’t that bad after all.

The End

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