Physio romanticsMature

Two strangers meet one a sexy lady, the other an unknown author, and forge a bond of love

Physio romantic

The 1sttime he turned up for his physiotherapy  Alex did not take a lot of notice of the other patients, only the one lady who took his eye. She was not outstandingly pretty, but to him she had all he was looking for, her hair the colour of wet sand with a style looking like rippled leaves of gold, beautiful cheeks and a lovely body, he wanted to cuddle. Her body held all the passions of a truly mature lady, who knew that age did not nake her unattractive, just more desirable and ready to please.

After checking in, he sat across the waiting room from her. She had noticed his actions, as she moved her position slightly to avoid showing too much of her thigh. Which was arousing in itself, as this showed, she was enjoying the attentions of a total stranger.

The therapist called: 

  ‘Alex Pearson.’

He got up, took his stick and hobbled to the cubicle, after his session, he walked past the waiting room, she was still there as he made the next appointment, after making the appointment, he was walking down the passage way, when he decided as he was a 50 minute walk from the flat, he had better use a toilet here. Going into the waiting room, he saw she was still there, when he came out 5 minutes later, she was gone.

   ‘Ships that passed in the night’ he said to himself as he walked back.

Alex walked on back to his flat, where he got on with writing his next series of stories for friends to enjoy.

In the back of his mind, was the vision of a lovely, sexy mature lady whom he wished to meet, but really knew he had no chance, as what were the chances of meeting at the Physiotherapy department again. Slim at best, non-existent if you were a realist, as Alex was.

That week he got an email from an editor friend saying she was publishing one of his stories, and would be sending a letter to the local newspaper. After thanking her profusely, Alex sat and thought, here was a little of his dream. Three days later, he got another email, this time from a US magazine, stating they were also going to publish a story of his, and would send a letter to his local paper.

Wow thought Alex. This is bigger than I thought I would go, I hoped for a few readers, but it is taking off now. That month Alexs’ story hit the web, and his site was inundated with comments, he did not think his friend Ericas’ article on her web page would generate such interest, and so quickly.

His readership, leapt from 4 or 5 to over 50 in a week and did not look like slowing down for a good while now. The following week, the news item appeared from the US magazine in his local paper, this really caused a stir, as it was from the US, and a local man had made a small impression there.

     ‘Ok.’ Alex said to himself.

    ‘It’s only a small online magazine, but it is something.’

The next appointment, was due and he did not think anything of it, no chance of meeting the lady, just go have a chat with the therapist.

   ‘So I had a couple of lines in the Western Daily and the Evening Post, nobody knows me.’ he whispered to himself as he walked up the passage way to the appointment.

When he got to the desk, he booked in and heard the receptionist say:  ‘Thank you Mr. Pearson.’

Turning to find a seat, and not thinking, he did not see the other patients looking at him, as if saying:  ‘Can this really be Alex Pearson, the author we heard about ? This middle aged man, whose stories enthral us.’

As usual, the walk had taken a little less than time Alex had allowed, giving him the time to sit and get his breath, it was not a hard walk, just too short to get the bus, and too long for walk.

Sitting reading a paperback he had recently bought, he had not noticed, but she was there.

He looked up to see her face beaming at him. He thought to himself. Just luck I guess, we had an appointment on the same day last time, no reason to think we should not now. There again, she had been there when he booked out, so would have heard his new time, could she have arranged this time ?

Uneasily he started to look around, to see people trying to look as if they were not looking at him. The one lady who was not even trying to look away, was this vision of loveliness she was looking at him.

He slowly licked his lips, and watched. She did the same and winked at him.

Was she serious, or just playing, he thought.

Ok, he thought,  let us see what you are up to.

Alex winked back at her, and waited, as she coyly looked away, and went back to her magazine.

  ‘Alex Pearson.’ came the call from the therapists station.

As he got up to go, there were the sideways glances of the people trying to reconcile him, to the stories online of monsters, demonic possessions and of the reclusive writer. As he glanced back, everyone was chatting away, but she was watching as he went to his cubicle, then she nodded, licked her lips and winked at him, as she flicked her hair away from her glasses.

Alex had the appointment, and came out to find her gone again.

   ‘Good laugh there.’ he gently muttered to himself.

Not thinking anymore of her, he went to the desk to make the next appointment, as he was doing so he felt eyes on him when the receptionist said his name.

   ‘This is getting too creepy.’ he said under his breath.

Alex walked down the passageway and for a strange reason, decided to go for a coffee today, why he had no idea, in all the previous times here he had just left, today he went for a coffee. Sitting at his table, coffee at his elbow and reading the new book, Alex was unaware at first that he was being watched this time, as usual when he read a good book, he got so engrossed in it, he could forget time.

   ‘Isn’t that a bit heavy for a novelist to read ?’

  Alex looked from the book to see her, standing just across from him lovelier by far, close up.

    ‘Sorry, if this shattered your illusions of me.’ he laughed. ‘Please won’t you sit down.’

   ‘Thank you Mr. Pearson. My name is Janette Calder.’

   ‘Well Miss Calder, as we are having coffee, unless this is purely business, you can call me Alex.’

   ‘No, and thank you ,Alex, you can call me Jan.’

   ‘Can I get you a coffee Jan ?’

    ‘Black with 2 sugars please Alex.’

Alex got up to go over to the counter, thinking to himself:

   ‘She is so, so lovely, I wonder what she can find intriguing about me though ?’

   ‘Here we go, Jan.’ Alex said putting the 2 coffees on the table.

   ‘Thanks, Alex.’

   ‘So, you found it hard to believe a novelist would read Marcel Proust, why is that ?’

   ‘I just never envisioned you reading philosophy for some reason.’

  ‘I would like to enlighten you my friend, I have read Solzhenitsen, Dostoyevksy, and Chekov as well, I have a very varied reading library, I go for a good storyline, not a genre or name.’

   ‘I didn’t mean to be rude, with what I said, or insinuate, that you should not read good works.’

   ‘I know, Jan, I get that a lot from people, they assume as a novelist I don’t read other types, I have read books by Carl Sagan, Professor John Taylor, Alexander Dolgin to name a few.’

  ‘I noticed you did not mention Hemmingway, is there a reason ?’

  ‘Yes, a very good one, of all the others I read from C. S. Forester to Warhammer to Cussler and Tammi Hoag, Hemmingway was the only author I could not read.’

   ‘Was it because of the story or the setting, Alex ?’

  ‘No, Jan, I just could not read it, he wrote in the same way I would have expected Shakespeare or Bacon to write, with a lot of Thou, Doth, and such antiquated terminology, it gave me a migraine trying to decipher it.’

   ‘Where do you get your ideas from, Alex, as some of the things are pure magic ?’

   ‘Thanks, Jan, most are from an idea I might build on, like the chronicles series, I am sick of all those celebrities so called going it alone, if that was the case, we would not here or see them, nobody ever thinks of the poor cameramen and women though.’

     ‘Now you mention it, it is so, so true.’

    ‘Who do you think P A Canella is based up on ?’

    ‘Have no idea on that.’

   ‘He is me, I wanted to be read, and yet not recognised.’

   ‘Well, you are certainly read now, after the articles in the Western Daily Press and the Post.’

    ‘Yes, it was creepy in there.’ Alex said pointing to the waiting room. ‘When they heard my name, I could feel their eyes, it was like they were trying to link, me with the stories online.’

    ‘Ericas’ article said you lived in Clevedon for many years.’

    ‘Yes, for well over 20 years, she did make a slight error though.’

    ‘Oh, what ?’

    ‘I lived in Clevedon, but not in the Old Church area.’

    ‘But the story was so descriptive.’

   ‘That is because, I used to love to walk along the path to the church, and have a good memory for how it looked years ago.’


  ‘Certainly took my breath away. And what of the article about the museum, weren’t you afraid of being sued, when that came out ?’

   ‘Would have loved them to try.’

   ‘Why ?’

    ‘First, with my memory I cannot give you the exact dates of the occurrences, but I can give you a good idea, how to verify the story, I can describe the case it was taken from and take you to the position where the case was at the time.

   Also I could give you names to check on, to back my case up, and if you really read the story, it is about the Freemasons’ and how they can cover up anything.’

  ‘Really speaking then, if they had taken you to court, you had a good chance of winning the case.’

   ‘Yes, and think of what great publicity that would be, talk of no publicity is bad publicity.’ he said laughing.

The two new friends sat drinking and chatting fro a while before Alex said:

‘Can you answer a question please for me, Jan ?’

  ‘Certainly if I can, Alex.’

  ‘Did you plan the meeting here today, as we meet at the same time a fortnight ago, when I first saw you ?’

  ‘I did, as I saw the way you looked at me that time, and got so turned on, by this lovely man looking at me, which was why I moved slightly.’

   ‘Sorry, if I made you feel uneasy, Jan.’ Alex said bowing his head in embarrassment.

    ‘There is nothing to apologise for hun, I haven’t felt that aroused in many years.’

    ‘You planned the meeting well before you had even heard of me, in the papers, so how do you feel about me now, Jan ?’

     ‘Same as before, I wanted to meet a lovely honest man, not a celebrity writer, and have found him.’

     ‘Thank you, Jan. I am still the same man now, as I was 2 weeks ago. It is just how others see me that changed.’

      ‘I can sense that, Alex, you are a totally sincere man and it shows in your work, you have a passion for writing and a flair for words, that can evoke all sorts of thoughts.’

     ‘I was asked once, which time period did I think would have suited me.’

     ‘Your reply was ?’

    ‘The late Romantic era, with the likes of Wordsworth, Keats, Milton, though some of the ghost stories have been said to chill like Poe, M R James or Sheridan Le Fanu, which I take as a great compliment.’

   ‘I have read most of your work, and you do get to the soul of the characters involved hun.’

   ‘I have often asked friends a leading question though hun,.’

   ‘What is that ?’

   ‘Do you think I wrote such good terror tales, because my mind is warped and twisted ?’

   ‘What did they say to that ?’

   ‘No, you can just write a good tale.’

   ‘Can I ask a leading question please, Alex, and be honest with me ?’

   ‘Jan, I can’t be other than honest, as friendship is based on honesty for me.’

   ‘Ok, here goes. Do you think I am attractive, Alex ?’

   ‘Yes, I think you are very attractive, and can offer the right man a lot of love.’

   ‘Thank you, Alex, as I find you attractive as well.’

Alex blushed and bowed in embarrassment as he said:

   ‘Thanks, Jan. I have never tried to push my looks, although a lot ladies said they found me darkly arousing and sexy. I prefer to build a friendship based on my personality, rather than looks.’

    ‘I have to agree with the ladies, you do have a certain mystique about you, a dark brooding sensuality that lures you in. I also agree that it is far better to build on friendship.’ 

The two friends chatted some more, and grew to like each other, before long they were holding hands over the table and playing footsy under it, as Alex ran his foot up Jans’ calf, and saw her bite her lip with pleasure.

   ‘Nice to see you are enjoying it, Jan.’

    ‘Oh lord, Alex, that is putting it mildly I am getting really aroused, you are sending tingles everywhere.’

     ‘I like to think I can arouse you, Jan, it is something I pride myself on, being able to get a lady aroused, does it for me as well.’

    ‘Oh you have no problem there hun, you got me going from the start.’

    ‘What was it about me then, Jan, that got you so aroused in the beginning ?’

    ‘I think it was the way you looked at me, deep and sexy, inviting me to talk and get to know the man inside, find out what makes you run, and how you feel.

    Oh and the way you moved, so as to try and get a look up my skirt, that really got me aroused, as I did not think I was sexy.’

    ‘Please believe me, if anyone man thinks you are not sexy, I would question his tastes seriously.’

Jan laughed and blushed as she said:

     ‘Really, I do that for you, Alex ?’

     ‘Oh yes, Jan, since I saw you the 1sttime you have been on my mind all the time, I was so hoping to see you today, but realised, there was a tiny chance of it.’

     ‘I so wanted to meet you after the way you got me aroused, which is why I took this time.’

     ‘Believe me, I have been having dreams of meeting and holding you close, as we chat and discover our tastes, and then pulling you to me for a cuddle and a kiss.’

    ‘That sounds so lovely, Alex, as I want to get to know the sexy man, who aroused me, to find out why you find me so sexy ?’

    ‘The first thing that caught my attention is your lovely hair like ripples in the golden sands of love.’

    ‘Oh get away, you naughty wicked romantic.’ Jan said smiling and giggling.

    ‘I love your lovely figure, when I saw you all I wanted to do is cuddle you.’

    ‘I am nothing special.’ Jan said, glowing with radiant love.

    ‘To me, Jan you have it all and with some to spare hun.’

   ‘If we keep this up, we shall have to meet outside of the appointments, Alex.’

   ‘Is that an offer, Jan ?’

    ’Yes, as I would love to see you for a drink and chat somewhere less cold and clinical.’

    ’Do you know the Salvation arms at Henbury ?’

    ’The Sally, it is my local, not that I go often, but yes.’

    ’How are fixed to meet next Friday for lunch about 100 ?’

     ’That is great. Can we swap numbers please ?’


After swapping numbers, and sharing a hug and a kiss the lovers left the hospital, once out of the grounds they parted company, knowing they would soon be together again, this time in  a more congenial setting.

Throughout the week, they kept in touch, sending loving texts and chatting on the phone, slowly building a lovingly loyal friendship. Which they hoped would be lasting.

The day of the meeting arrived, Alex arrived at the Inn just before 1245,  Jan, turned up looking radiantly lovely in a thin blue dress and blue shirt, the sun glinting off her golden hair, like rain off a sandy beach.

As she walked towards him Alex could see from the suns’ position right through her skirt. As Jan walked he could the shapeliness of her luxuriant figure, her breasts moving against the material of the shirt, her nipples getting taut.

Under his shorts Alex felt a feeling he had thought he would never feel as this vision of loveliness approached, her beauty shining as the sun on a summer lake.

The lovers sat holding hands, and stroking palms, Jan tingling all over as Alex played footsy as well.

      ‘You are so wicked, you naughty man.’ she scolded with a giggle in her voice, her breasts heaving with the excitement of being with her lover.

     ‘Give me a chance love, and I will show you just how bad I can be.’ Alex said winking at Jan.

     ‘Mmmm is that a promise then lover ?’

      ‘If you want more of the same love.’

      ‘Oh yes please, kind sir, I have not felt this loved, wanted and aroused in so, so long, just coming here, I was getting aroused.’

After a pie and a sandwich, the two lovers took a gentle walk past the other inn at Henbury, the notoriously bad Blaise inn, the inn was frequently raided by the police for anything from stolen goods to drugs, mainly because it was only a quick 20 minutes to the motorway and gone.

Walking past the Blaise castle house museum Alex gave Jan a slight hug, as he turned the corner to head up the drive and onto the fields.

Walking down the woody lane, with the light shining through the leaves, Alex took Jan by the waist, pulling her in, he gave her a proper kiss as they  cuddled close together.

As they cuddled Alex let his hand wander to Jans’ bottom and slowly started to stroke it, going around her panties as he did.

   ‘If you want me to stop, please say so love, you know I will.’

   ‘Who said I wanted you to stop, lover boy ?’

    ‘Just so you know, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to love, or if you feel I am getting too forward.’

    ‘As always a gentleman and a gentle man, Alex, you are a gem, love.’

Saying that she pulled him in and gave him a kiss, her tongue going over his lips, as her hand dropped to his shorts. And giving him a gentle rub.

As they walked across the bridge, Alex could see that Jans’ panties were getting moist. Her bottom swaying provocatively as she led the way down the woody path by the old mill, where there once ran a stream, now there ran just a trickle.

Sitting on the bank of the stream Jan started to kick her heels up, raising her skirt, so Alex could see her panties.

  ‘Hi, lover, like what you see darling ?’

   ‘What is there not to love, a sexy lady, flashing her panties at me, in a sexy, secluded area, it could not be better.’

    ‘Oh yes it can, lover.’

    ‘What can you possibly mean, love ?’ Alex said, smiling and knowing fully her intentions.

As Alex stood back, Jan raised her skirt, and lowered the front of her panties, showing what she could offer him, and how ready to make love she was.

    Gently inserting a finger in her pussy, she started to rub herself getting really aroused and turned on, licking her lips as she got closer to her orgasm, imaging it was Alex.

Seeing his lover getting randy and horny, and knowing she was aroused so, so much, Alex walked over to her, and gently pulling her fingers out, slowly inserted his own, with the longer fingers sliding in and out of her pussy Jan was lost in delights, as she started to stroke her heaving breasts, nipples tugging at the shirt, and showing through the gaps between the buttons.

  ‘Oh, love, that is so, so sexy, I have wanted this since we left the Sally, darling, since we planned this meeting, I have had sexy dreams and want you to take me by the mill, love.’

Alex pulled Jan up, and holding her close said:

   ‘Anything I can do to please my lover, I shall try my best.’

   ‘Darling just knowing that, turns me on.’

As the pair walked to the ruined mill house, still used once or twice a year, just for the annual fairs, the winds flicking leaves across the floor, but not enough to cool their passions now.

Jan pushed Alex onto the wall of the house, and knelt down before him:

    ‘My turn to pleasure, my man.’

Slowly she unzipped him and took his penis in her mouth, as she sucked she could feel him start to grow, and throb as well as feeling Alex losing control as he got so aroused.

Alex was certainly losing control, as this was what he liked, a sexy lady, wanting him and not afraid to ask for what she wanted nor worried about taking charge in the love making.

Jan moved her mouth up and down his shaft expertly as got him hard, all the time thinking:

Soon girl, soon, when I am ready for you love.

After 10 minutes, she stood up, lifted her skirt over her knees showing her juicy pussy to Alex and said:

  ‘Take me from behind please, love.’

As she slowly backed onto his hard penis she could feel the power and passions flowing, this was something  she had wanted to do for years, but never thought would happen, and he was so big inside her, all her emotions went out with the wind, ans she backed right onto Alex, to get him full inside.

Gently moaning to herself and rubbing her breasts as she enjoyed the feelings she was getting, Jan was losing getting close to climaxing, when she stopped and tuned around.

     ‘What’s up love, did I do something wrong ?’

     ‘Not at all darling, I just want to finish off enjoying kissing you as well, as you take me the other way, that is all.’ Jan said licking her lips.

Jan moved closer, pushing Alex to the wall, as she pulled her panties aside, so he could slip in with the most comfort and pleasure.

As she straddled his thick cock, she slowly moved in and out, giving him all the pleasures of feeling her wet and juicy pussy slide over it.

They stood against the wall, with Jan slowly moving in and out, up and down getting closer to climaxing together when there was a noise in the bushes.

Alex tensed slightly.

     ‘Don’t worry baby, let’s give them a free show, I am so, so close and I can feel so are you lover.’

As they moved in unison, Alex caught sight of 2 schoolboys looking at them.

Slowly, teasing the boys and turning Jan on at the same time, he pulled her skirt up, so they could see how wet her panties were as his cock slipped in and out.

They could see her wetness dripping down her legs as she started to orgasm, along with Alex as the came together, knowing the thrill of knowing they were being watched, was just an extra bonus for Jan.

As she turned from kissing Alex, she said:

‘Did you enjoy the show lads ?’

  ‘Y y y yes miss.’ they stammered.

   ‘Now it’s my turn then.’

    ‘Love I want you to lick my out, I have been wanting this since the time you first played with my bottom.’

Standing back to the wall, Jan pulled her skirt up, so all three of them could see her wet pussy, as Alex started to lick her.

     ‘Come on lads, fair is fair, you have seen mine, I want you to get yours out.’

Reluctantly the boys got their penises out, seeing Alex licking her was too much as they started to play with themselves, Alex was really enjoying this, as Jan was so caught up in the moment of passions she was thrusting her pussy at his tongue, as it went deeper and deeper into her. Giving her more and more pleasure until she could not stop herself, at the same time she moaned as she had her orgasm, the lads shot their load onto her stick breasts making the pleasures even more delightfully wicked.

As the group left the old mill Jan asked Alex:

  ‘Can you do me a favour please, lover ?’

   ‘Certainly love, if I can darling.’

    ‘Can you wipe your cock in my panties please, as I want to feel your juices, as we walk up the hill, is that wicked of me, love ?’

     ‘It isn’t at all wicked, lover, a bit naughty yes. And of course I will, love. ‘

After wiping his juices in her crotch, Alex put the panties back on, walking up the hill, to everyone who did not know, there were no outward signs of what had happened, until Alex, slipped a finger in her crotch, and Jan wriggled with delight at the feel of his juices on her pussy, and the wickedness of doing it public.

All the way back along the road to the Sally, Jan could feel the juices, and she was getting hornier by the minute again, Alex could see she was deliberately moving her hips to squeeze the panties in to her pussy, as she walked now.

   ‘Would you like a drink, love ?’ Alex asked as the got to the inn gate.

   ‘Yes please, darling, I will have a half of bitter thanks.’

Alex went in to the get the drinks, and returning saw Jan, moving and twitching on the seat.

     ‘Are you sore, love or uncomfortable ?’

     ‘Neither, sweetheart, just horny, and she won’t settle for a while, as she thinks of what we just did, and how big you are, thank you love, that was divine.’

   ‘Thank you too my lover, as you made it so extra special, by wanting me so, so much.’

   ‘Being watched didn’t upset you did it love ?’

   ‘No, it was a bit off putting when I saw them, but knowing you liked it, made it easier for me, if they hadn’t been there, would you have come for me ?’

   ‘Lover, I was way passed caring, when they turned up, I just wanted you on the mill, and that made it all so, so sexy for me.’



The End

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