Phyllium; Chapter Two, Another day.

Dr Leo Johannessen

Leo lived behind the Botany Laboratory. It was great for him to be finally recognized enough as a scientist, it was a great privilege. he'd just moved in three weeks ago and was finally getting used to the automatic shutters and the bubbling of the algae pots during the night.

He woke bright and early and had started to monitor the Pond weeds, the Algae and the Japanese flowering lilies. They had to find something that gave out enough oxygen, more oxygen to mass ratio. He got a historic volume on the plants of the pre-human eras. there was this plants here, it looked like a cross between a mushroom and a rock. The cells grew on the outside, killing the inner ones. They were the original polluters, they added the whole 21%. All the oxygen in the atmosphere, and since then we'd only just maintained this.

That was, until recently. The ozone layer was degrading at an advanced rate, every layer that helped keep our oxygen in place. Not to mention the fact that the earth's magnetic field was losing strength much faster than records had extrapolated.

oxygen was vaguely magnetic you see. It was this that helped trap all this oxygen here. So it was his and many other scientists jobs to find some plant that photosynthesized faster and more efficiently than any other, even if they had to splice DNA until they found a 'super' plant. The first step, the most tedious, was to catalog how much each plant gave out. This lab was concentrating on water based plant-life. Seeing as all plant life was originally based in water, as was all life, it seemed a good idea.

Woodrow burst in through the door.

"What time do you call this?"

"Late. I'm very sorry Dr Johannessen."

"It's OK, it's not like the plants will disappear in ten minutes, just don't make it a habit."

"Got it, what stage you up to?"

"Oh I'm just monitoring the pond weeds at the moment. Can you check on the blue algae?"


"Oh and can you make sure the carbon dioxide pumps are functioning correctly?"

"Yeah OK." His understudy put his bag down under the lab table and got to work.

"Tube three needs replacing, there's been accelerated growth of algae in the main sequence."

"Well don't just say so. Just do it."

"Got it."

Leo wasn't sure about the new 'student' scientist, yes, he was a new set of eyes and was very intelligent, but he wasn't sure about him, common sense was less common that you'd have thought in this job.

Leo brushed his hair from his eyes and went to the kitchenette, "How do you take your coffee again?"

"Black, two sugars."

He got two clean mugs from the top cupboard and chucked in the instant stuff. Two black coffees, one with two sugars, one without. Leo felt as it may be a long day. he doubled the amount of instant in his mug. He felt it should be strong. 

The End

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