Foggy maybe's and overthought recklessnessMature

He left his hoodie here
and I thought about it
Tired my mind
in countless circles
going over whispered details
and pained warmth-
painful thoughts
that this,
this wasn't what I wanted
I wanted so badly
to love this
felt raw
at the thought
that I didn't.
I laughed anyway
telling plot twists
of advice I took,
that the opposite happened.
It was simple
and then suddenly
not very simple at all.
How can something
be so damn simple
but so complicated?
How can melted honey
and burnt copper
turn from simple
to the warmest chocolate
you can imagine
And how
can the lull of a deep story
go from a narrative
to enthralling and never-ending
and how,
how can this turn into something
it wasn't supposed to be
He left his hoodie here
in a puddle
in the middle of my bed
He left it
even when he turned around
for something else,
didn't he know how cold it was,
didn't he know?
He left his hoodie
and took something else

The End

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