The lights are out and you aren't hereMature

I dream about boys.
Boys that argue
about what's "really going on",
that get frustrated
and turn around and kiss you
because they can't take it anymore,
not being able to explain it
but wanting you to know
that it's there.
Boys that push you against walls,
hungrily kissing and grabbing
and pulling you to the bed.
Boys that are slow,
gently tracing up your hands
with his fingertips,
his fingers light against your arms,
gentle on your neck.
He cups your face,
endlessly staring into your eyes
before he gently kisses you,
and suddenly it's as if you're an explorer in space
and he is every constellation you need to map.
His lips tell you
he's feeling the same thing.
Boys that pick you up
and swing you around in their arms,
their laugh like a magical spell
that pulls you under.
Boys that topple you over
to give you sloppy, laughing kisses.
That pull you closer
and kiss you all over your face.
Boys that greedily kiss you,
unable to let go.
Boys that bring you into the rain,
dancing in the street.
That swallow the world
in a free spirit.
Boys that swing your legs
into their lap to caress them,
fingers lightly playing on your skin
while deeply immersed in a movie.
Boys that grasp hands under sheets
and taste your skin like a soft chocolate
that'll melt if you go too fast.
Boys that create a dance
between their fingers and yours,
a melody of intertwined hands.
Boys that tuck your body against theirs,
your face nestled into their shoulder.
Boys that whisper in the middle of the night,
that tell stories and sing songs
and create an entire world
between the two of you.
Boys that trace words into your skin
and have you guess what they wrote.
Boys that look beautiful across the table
in a nice restaurant
and smile like you are a queen.
Boys that walk through the night
like the world is waiting.
Boys that love you.
Boys from movie scenes
and TV shows
and chapters in books.
Boys that fill daydreams,
but not the spaces between.
Sometimes, you,
but you are a far-away dream
walking the lines between stars
lost in a breathtaking beauty
A figure in a dream
and not one here.

The End

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