Hotkey "P"Mature

When you think
of a particular "thing"
or the idea of a thing
the idea of a person
that you want
But it falls away
because what you want
is pictures,
of his constant nerdiness
forever memories
of how adorable he is
and accidental
all night talks
and nonsense banter
and the time inbetween
when you talk
in busy schedules
but you keep moving
and pause
remembering little moments
with nonstop smiles
and worrying too much
about so many feelings
but bracing the wild
When you see "perfect boys"
but perfect
is standing in front of you
doing a rap
you've never heard before
and you are absolutely mesmerized
When you are terrified
of this
of him
but you feel the beauty of it
resting against your skin
and whispering through your soul
And my god
you think too much
and talk too much
but he is here
and he is beautiful
You are
on the edge of a cliff,
of the unknown,
but the unknown
is a spilled fountain
and yeses
called from one room
to the other
This is a cataclysm
that is swallowing you whole
and you couldn't be happier

The End

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