"I love you"Mature

"I love this moment"
I love the sanctity
and wholeness
of this moment.
I love the joy
and freedom
that encompasses
this moment.
I love the love.
The love
that swallows the room,
that holds us
and sings to us.
The love
that is shared
between a group of people
with nothing
and everything
to lose.
The love
that is exchanged through laughter
and endless stories
and drunk touches,
the love that sits on porches
and floats through car rides
and hums from connecting music
The love
that lives and breathes
in every moment,
that doesn't have to be sacred
that can be shared
with reckless abandon-
The love
that thrives
in this moment.
"I love this moment".
I love how loud
we are laughing,
the random songs that we sing
and the dances
that go along.
I love your drunk hugs,
and every story we tell
and retell,
every "play this song"
and our late nights
and the joy we have
that could topple the world.
I love this moment
because it is whole
and so are we.

The End

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