We're like seasons with the way we change our colorsMature

Tenth book of poetry.

You can change
a million ways
and still be the same.
I still roam my streets
in soaking lights
in the middle of the night,
still drown my name
in alcohol flavored dreams,
still cloud my voice
in wisps of smoke.
I have changed
in a thousand ways
yet I stay the same.
Mirrored back as I walk past
people I used to be
places I used to go,
staring back and calling-.
To the people who say;
"I feel like
I'm just staring at my changes"-
like you don't become them,
like the sound of your heartbeat
is far away,
as if you're watching yourself
become someone else,
but never quite moving-
You could move a hundred miles
and still feel the same
still hear your blood
echo through drums
feel your bones
crack through wood.
You can change
a million ways
and still be the same.
You can change your hair,
and your clothes,
you can trade yourself
for someone else
and still have your soles,
still walk your roads.
You are as much a change
as you want to be,
mean to be.
You are the same soul
day in,
day out.

The End

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