I was given the starter of "We did it in front of the mirror," this is where I went with it.

We did it in front of the mirror,

the tranquil reflection imitating our bodies.

And we did it on the sandy beach,

the sun, overhanging the horizon, warm on our backs.

We did it in crowded places,

the people slowing, their laughter filling the energetic air. 

And we did it to music,

the beat defining our style.

We did it in broad daylight,

the masked and shadowed night as well.

We did it in quiet places,

among our own breaths.


We did it in places where the noise never stops.

On the bench,

And near the window,

By the orchards,

Among the tortured.

We took fine pictures,

It's what we did.

Me and Al and Jim and Sid.

And Josephine all dressed in leather,

In our desires, all together.


The End

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