So close...

Phoenix seemed to awake from his dream in darkness, he arose from his armchair to find that all he could do was plunge deeper into the never ending black that was his mind, further and further he fell, until a light shone beneath him. The light was warm and his only savior from the endless falling, he felt comforted by the small amount of light that resided inside him and as he slowly drifted closer to the center of its warm and comforting glow... It was suddenly taken from him.

Phoenix Screamed into the now pitch black "GIVE HER BACK!" over and over he yelled to nothing, when a warm but menacing presence was all he could feel. he could feel it taking over him, wrenching his gut with a feeling of uncontainable anger and sadness it fulled over him and pulled him down further and further. Now all that was left for Rhade Phoenix was to descend into this madness, this hatred for all mankind everyone who had taken his beloved away from him, and as his anger grew so did the presence he felt its once corporeal form gaining being and and a voice, a hiss that would pierce your very flesh the voice seemed to echo in the vast darkness "why would they do this to us, why do we deserve to loose her?"

Phoenix answered this small black figure floating mere inches from his face "well what and i supposed to do then?" the voice laughed and its body seemed to be growing the more phoenix became enraged. This hiss of a voice again spoke, but this time it had a mouth, and eyes staring directing into phoenix's eyes growing ever more intense "oh you know what we have to do, but only you can do it I'm not going to spell it out for know...."  Phoenix replied his anger steadily increasing "how dare you? speaking to me as if we are equals, i should..." at that moment the figure grew into more detail and hissed back at him quietly and calmly "equals? oh i am afraid we are more than that my friend" as the black figure spoke the last time, the light began to come back to phoenix's mind revealing the form of this dark being residing in the mind of a man it was a mirror reflection of phoenix, or it may as well of been the only difference to a mirror was that this had its own mind, its own movements and unlike a mirror when its cold eyes stared into his he could feel his soul chill.

As the light slowly grew larger the form of the mirror man shrank and was dissolved by the light it looked much like it had been enveloped or perhaps the other way around. Phoenix saw the face of his beloved in this light, it was the first time he had seen her in anything but a photograph for a long long time, but it seemed to comfort him and at the same time fuel his want for revenge, and the light uttered only one word in a soft and gentle tone the voice that he once knew dearly called to him and pleaded that he would just... "awake" a hiss rolled over his body and pierced him to his very core. All that Rhade Phoenix could do now was open his eyes.

The End

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