The Future Is TheirsMature

Satisfaction was not strong enough to describe how Sarah felt lying next to Jason. Elated, wasn’t right either, perhaps euphoric would be a better word. She’d frozen up a few times, but Jay had been so gentle and so patient, for all his giddy school boyishness. Sarah grinned and snuggled into his naked warmth.

Jason chuckled. “Do not get too comfy, my love, we are expected to make an appearance at the reception."

“Do we have to?”

“Yes we do,” Jason sighed as he wrapped his arms about her. “Though, it is a rule of marriage that we must indulge in such activities often.”

Sarah laughed and rolled her eyes as she sat up. “You have a strange culture Jay.”

Jason leapt to his feet to help her up. “I am sure you will get used to it. But, I suspect I will not be able to let you spar with us anymore.”

“What?” Sarah followed him to the Well of Life. “Why not?”

“Well..." He stepped into the water and fished out the cloth they’d dropped in earlier. “Now that we are married General Hector will not tolerate me using you as a sparring partner.”

“Why not?” She watched him scrub himself.

“It is likely that he believes I was doing that to avoid breaking the rules of Tri-Luna.”

“Were you?” Sarah asked, suddenly understanding why he made sure they were both exhausted at the end of the day before sleeping in the same bed.

“Partly,” Jason planted a kiss upon her lips, “but you are good and it did make the boys work harder than they had been before you joined us.”

Sarah grinned as Jason handed the cloth to her. “Ah the whole, 'I can’t let a girl beat me', attitude.”

“Exactly so.” Jason grinned as he stepped out and she stepped in.

The water was cold, but refreshing and it felt good to wash her sweat off. Someone had placed their clothing on outside the curtained area and Jason helped Sarah into her corset. As soon as she was dressed, Jason worked at set of pulleys and levers to move the Well of Life out of the way and set the stairs back into place.

“Amazing,” Sarah watched the mechanics work, surprised by the ingenuity of people who didn’t have guns.

“Takes some of the magic out of the ceremony,” Jason huffed as he rotated the last wheel and locked it into place.

Sarah looked at her wrists and right ring finger. “Plenty of magic still in it for me.”

Jason looped her arm through his and they ascended the steps. Stepping out into the Temple Sarah looked at Jason.

“When we were bound, did you...”

“Yes,” Jason nodded, not letting her finish.

“Do you think...” she began again.

“Yes,” Jason nodded again as they walked towards the Temple exit. Stopping in front of the Willows he kissed her. “I just hope,” he whispered, his forehead touching hers, “that the Gods do not have anything else to challenge us with as they did for our Tri-Luna.”

Dual laughter rustled the Willows about them as they left.

The End

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