The Gods’ BlessingMature

The Grand Moyther spoke quietly to them. “Keep hold of your right hands, but let go of your left and fish the gift of the Gods from the Well of Life.”

Sarah and Jason did as they asked, but rather than finding a stick, their left hands came out holding a shimmering golden rope. Taking the rope from them, the Grand-Pairents had them re-join hands and then, with surprising precision, they laced the rope, around Sarah and Jason’s wrists to form bracelets.

“Now face the crowd and hold your hands aloft,” the Grand-Moyther whispered.

Sarah saw that many faces showed awe, and many eyes shown with tears. She raised her hand’s high with Jason as she felt his mind prompting her to speak with him.

“Oh Gods, Great-Grand Moyther Eve and Great-Grand Fayther Adam, bless our union and help us to follow the four rules of marriage for as long as we both shall live.”

A blinding light emitted from the rope causing Sarah to squint. As she did so she could just barely make out two figures.

“You are blessed,” two voices spoke in unison.

Sarah swore that the woman sounded like the Goddess she’d spoken to. But, before she could think much on it a searing pain pulsed around her wrists. Sarah bit back a curse as Jason tightened his grip on her hand and their knees knocked together. As quick as it had come the pain receded and the roar from crowd was as defining as the readers’ squeals. Stepping up to them, the Grand-Pairents wrapped their hands and forearms in a cloth.

“Wash your hands in the Well of Life, but leave the cloth in the water,” the Grand-Fayther whispered.

Following the instructions, they washed their hands, though they had to let go. Sarah expected the water to drain as it had during their betrothal, but it did not.

“Rise,” The Grand-Fayther’s voice rang out, “Lord and Lady Phoenix.”

“Show all gathered,” the Grand-Moyther continued, “the blessing bestowed upon you.”

Sarah and Jason turned to the crowd. Taking her left hand in his right and her right in his left, Jason held them high. A gasp escaped her lips as she realized that not only did she have the ring tattoo from the betrothal, but also tattooed bands upon her wrists. As Jason pulled her closer and their tattoos touched a glow came from them and the crowd sighed.

“And now,” the Grand Pairents spoke in unison. “Let us celebrate as they reap the first of their marital fruits!”

“HUZZAH!” The crowd and readers cheered.

“Sing hey ho the dairy oh,” Princess Allmarah and Lady Abigail began to sing, and soon the women chimed in, “They’ve passed three months of Trial you know.  So now it’s time for them to wed....”

Jason stepped into the Well of Life, where it came up to just above his ankles.

“Sing Hey ho the dairy oh,” the men sang, “they’ve survived three month of denial you know.” Sarah hesitantly stepped into the water. “So now it’s time for them to bed...”

Whatever she was standing on wobbled slightly.

“Don’t worry my brother is probably helping Sir Merlin and he wouldn’t dream of dropping us,” Jason whispered as he guided her to the center of the Well.

Princess Allmarah was now singing in duet with Lord Robert.

“Right,” Sarah adjusted her stance as they began to move down. “Is Allmarah old enough to be singing such lyrics?”

“It is our Wedding day Sarah.” Jason spun her into his arms and kissed deeply as they disappeared down the Well.

The cheer that rose from the crowd and the squeals of the readers was nothing compared to the emotions Sarah felt coursing through her body as she melted into Jason’s embrace. The Well of Life stopped with a clunk on the floor of the Gods’ Cavern.

“Come my Lady.” Jason stepped out of the pool, grinning like a fool. He bowed with a flourish of the hand. His eyes moved up to hers as she stepped out. “Our wedding bed awaits us, and I am told there is no night like your wedding day.”

Sarah laughed as she took his proffered hand. “Is that so?”

Straightening up his drew her towards him and kissed her hand. “That is what I am told,” he replied as he guided her through curtains to where a fire crackled happily with furs spread out before it.

“I see no bed,” she snickered.

“Who needs a bed?” Jason asked, pulling her around to face him.

The End

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