Temple ArrivalMature

“If a pauper can become a King, anything is possible?” Sarah looked at Jason curiously.

“Next year at the Harvest festival, you will see, but right now...” He grinned.

Threading his arm through hers, Jason escorted Sarah up to the Temple entrance, following the Grand-Pairents. As they got nearer, the sound of singing wafted through the trees. It was a happy tune, though and Sarah could only just make out the chorus, it was slightly suggestive.

Grand-Moyther Magdalene and Grand-Fayther Jesus turned to face them as they stopped before the Willows. “Do you believe,” they spoke in unison, “that you have both been passed through trials and have conquered those trials during the days that have marked your Tri-Luna?”

“Yes,” Sarah responded emphatically as Jason spoke, “By the will of the Gods we do.”

“Then come children,” the Pairents spoke again in unison, “and enter The Temple and show all those gathered there your will to wed.”

Parting the Willows the Grand-Pairents led the way into the Temple, Sarah  and Jason trailing behind. The size of the crowd amazed Sarah. If she had to guess, she’d say that half of Verdas was here. The song stopped in a wave from back to front as the Grand-Pairents tapped shoulders to part people. As news of their wedding had spread before the carriage, news of their arrival spread though the crowd. Soon a pathway to the front opened up, leading to the Gods' Cavern.

There, under the Godwood tree stood Lady Abigail and Lord Robert. Next to them, to Sarah's surprise, was King Demetrioso and Princess Allmarah. The Grand-Pairents parted; Magdalene to the right and Jesus to the left. Stopping, Jason and Sarah faced his parents, the King and the Princess across the wide opening to the Gods' Cavern which was filled with water.

“As the closest living relatives to this couple,” the Grand-Pairents spoke in unison, “do you believe that have maintained Fidelity and Abstinence and gained Compatibility during the Tri-Luna that was set before them?”

In unison, the four adults responded, “By the will of the Gods we do.”

The Grand-Pairents turned to the crowed and Jason guided Sarah to do the same. The Scouts, Jason’s family and a few other nobles stood closest to them. If she wasn’t mistaken, that was Rebecca who was standing at Reed’s side, holding his hand. Bear and Martha had made it, along with half their brood. Ryan was bouncing excitedly causing Sarah to smile. His excitement made up for the fact that Griffon and Lynn, and Mathew were still in Azure participating in, she hoped, a successful campaign to set Prince Hermanus on the throne.

Sarah was jolted from her reverie as the crowd roared their answer to the Grand-Pairents question, which Sarah hadn’t heard.

“By the Will of the Gods we do!”

“Come then children,” the Grand-Pairents spoke.

Letting go of her arm Jason turned and followed Grand Fayther Jesus into the hut on the left side. Sarah, in turn, followed Grand-Moyther Magdalene into the right hut. The inside was already lit with candles, but otherwise unchanged from when she’d bathed there for her betrothal. As the door closed behind them, the singing rose up again.

“Hey ho the dairy oh they’ve had three months of trials you know...”

“Do you believe,” the Grand-Moyther faced Sarah, “that you have been passed through trials and have conquered those trials while maintaining Fidelity and Abstinence and gaining Compatibility during the days that have marked your Tri-Luna?”

Taking more time to think on this question than she had before, Sarah mentally reviewed their Tri-Luna. There had been ups and downs; a small fight that had been mended. As far as true Tri-Luna time, they hadn’t really had any but a short time in the beginning and towards the end... Sarah grinned sheepishly at the Grand Moyther Magdalene who was looking at her expectantly.

“By the will of the Gods I do,” Sarah responded trying to use the form that everyone else had.

The Grand-Moyther smiled. “Do you understand all that is required of a wife?”

“Um, cook, clean, keep house...”

Grand-Moyther Magdalene laughed and patted Sarah’s shoulder to stop her. “Undress and bathe as I remind you.”

As she undressed she could hear the singing again.

“And now it’s time for them to bed...”

The End

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