The Day Has ComeMature

The days passed and Sarah lost count. At some point their Tri-Luna would end, though if they kept up the routine she wondered if they’d have any energy for pleasure of the flesh. Stretching and yawning, Sarah rose to make breakfast while Jay dressed. He took a bit longer than usual, so she looked up from eating puzzled by the delay.

“I take it you’re not sparring today?” Sarah eyed his lordly attire with curiosity.

“That I am not.” Jason smiled and perched himself upon a chair to eat. “You will want to change into nicer clothing as well, love.”

“Why’s that?”

“The Grand-Pairents are likely to be here to collect us for our wedding.” He looked up to grin at her like a giddy school boy.

“Our wedding?” Sarah asked. “Is that why you’re dressed nice today?

“We have passed our ninety day Tri-Luna, unless of course they decide that our time apart on the mission doesn’t count, but I doubt that would be the case since they insisted we become betrothed prior to the mission...”

Sarah laughed. “You sound like Ryan, all breathless and excited.”

“Can you blame me?” Jason beamed as he returned to eating.

Sarah finished her breakfast, feeling Jason’s gaze now and then. The man was exuding excitement. Even after she started cleaning up her dishes, she could still feel him watching her.

“Would you go pick an outfit for me or something,” she complained as he handed his dishes to her. “You’re being a little intense with the staring.”

“Sorry Love,” Jason’s arms wrapped around her waist. Sarah turned her head to try and see him. “I have been dreaming of this moment for a very long time.”

“Pfft,” Sarah snorted through her smile. “Go make sure I match you this time and save the romantics for the Gods Cavern.” And pray I don’t freeze up like I always did for Edward, she finished silently.

“Oh I am, believe me I am,” he whispered before kissing her with more passion than Sarah expected.

Breathless she watched him go upstairs, then, with a shake of her head, she finished washing the dishes. She had just banked the fire when Jason returned. With a flourishing bow he gestured to the stairwell.

“Your clothing awaits, my Lady Love.”

Sarah laughed and rolled her eyes at him. But, she gave him a peck on the cheek as she passed by. Upstairs, Sarah found her court dress on the bed. She rummaged for the rest of the parts, before trying to put it on without help. Needless to say, she was still struggling with it when she heard the Grand-Pairents arrive.

Muffled voices sounded downstairs, before someone came up to join Sarah. It was Grand-Moyther Magdalene.

“I was told you might need some help,” the Grand-Moyther stated as she moved to help Sarah with the corset

“Please, and Thank you.” Sarah smiled

In next to no time the Grand-Moyther had her dressed with her cap set on her head. Following the elderly woman down the stairs, Sarah balled the dress up in her hands to keep from tripping on it. When they got to the bottom, the boys hid grins and the Magdalene turned to Sarah.

“Oh child,” she chuckled.

Fussing like a mother hen, Magdalene adjusted the dress and made sure Sarah was holding it right. Then the four of them moved outside to where a carriage was waiting.

“We get to ride to the Temple?” Sarah asked quietly as Jason helped her into the open cart. The Grand-Parents sat up front, Grand-Fayther Jesus driving.

“It will be a Knight’s Ceremony then?” Jason called up front.

The Grand-Moyther looked back and smiled. “Gods deemed that it be so.”

Jason placed an arm around Sarah’s shoulder and settled back into the seat. “Only Knights are given a carriage ride driven by the Grand-Pairents. Unfortunately,” he squeezed Sarah to him, “It also means we’ll be taking the longest route possible.”

“A tour of Verdas?” Sarah asked as she leaned into Jay.

“Just about,” he grinned.

The End

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