Jason's RequestMature

It was dark by the time Sarah and Arthur reached the Scout housing.

“I shall leave you now.” Sir Arthur stopped. “You don’t look too distressed, so I expect it was good news.”

Sarah grinned as she stepped up to open the door. “Let’s just say if I’ve gotten Jason kicked out of the Scouts, at least Lord Robert won’t disown us.”

Sir Arthur chuckled. “If the King is paying your dowry, I should think not.”

Sarah opened her mouth to ask how he figured that, but he was already walking away.

“The King will pay your dowry?”

Sarah smiled as she turned to see Jason in the doorway. He stepped aside to let her in. Closing the door, he informed her that he’d kept the bath water warm. That made her evening. So, while she bathed she informed Jason of what went on in the meeting. There was silence as she dressed. Coming through the curtain she saw Jason looking thoughtfully at the floor as he leaned against the door frame.

“And you asked for just enough dowry, so that my father wouldn’t have to disown me?” He looked up at her, half smiling.

“Something along those lines.” She shrugged.

Taking her hands in his own he pulled her close as he straightened up. “Do you know how strategic that was of you?”

“Strategic? I just thought it made sense, you know if there was a possibility of you losing Sergeant status and all, which,” she furrowed her brow and frowned, “is probably all my fault.”

Jason kissed her hands, “I’ve been too much the Sergeant and not enough of the fiancé since our Tri-Luna started.”

“Well, it’s not like you had much choice.” Sarah stated.

“True,” Jason nodded. “But I must confess,” his cheeks flushed in the candle light, “I was jealous that that Lady Miriam was getting time with you that should have been mine.”

“Jay,” Sarah chuckled and kissed him. “We’ve got a whole life together.”

“I know.” A half smile appeared on his face. “But, to continue my confessions, I am hoping that General Hector either allows me to retire, or promotes me, as I’ll be sorely tempted to smuggle you out on Scout Patrols.”

Sarah laughed. “I thought they didn’t allow camp followers.”

“Yes well,” Jason’s face flushed red, “I wasn’t thinking of that per say. Your cooking is quite useful...”

“Oh Jay,” Sarah laughed as she gave him a gentle punch to the shoulder. “Let’s go to bed. I’m beat.”

A flash of puzzlement crossed his face before he smile. “You go up. I will be there once I deal with the bath water.”

Finally, they fell back into the routine that they had when they first began their Tri-Luna two month ago. Sarah joined the other wives for shopping in the market in the morning. Jason came home for lunch before returning to the barracks to drill the men. In the evening, around dusk, he would be home for dinner.

On, about the fifth night, as Sarah served dinner, Jason spoke up. “I would like you to join me on tomorrow afternoon on the field.”

“In pants?” Sarah sat down across form him.

“Yes,” Jason nodded. “With the best either injured or out on patrol I need someone who can show them how it is supposed to be done.”

“Are you sure that’s going to be okay?” She looked at him concerned. “I mean wouldn’t playing it safe to get retirement be better than getting kicked out?”

“At this point,” he looked up from his food, “I don’t care. They aren’t getting better fighting themselves and they all feel I’m too good to even put a fight against me.”

“So I fight them and they get an ‘I can’t let a woman beat me’ complex?” she asked.

“Exactly!” Jason grinned shaking his spoon at her. “Because despite the fact you nearly beat me, they all still think they can beat you, except maybe Reed.” He chuckled. “I think that boy idolizes you.”

“As a big sister who can kick his butt.” Sarah chuckled as they dug in.

The new routine worked better for Sarah, despite the fact it was more exhausting. The nice thing was that Jason had no qualms about helping her with dinner, nor having stew just about every night.

The End

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