Debriefing with the King (Part 2)Mature

“Now,” King Demetrioso spoke, “let us dispense with formality and chit chat so we may be frank.” Sarah nodded. “Phoenix stated he was told General Jackobus Wholawski is dead, is that true?”

“As far as I know,” Sarah nodded. The King looked expectant. “You want details?” he nodded. “Right.” She closed her eyes for a moment before telling him how she’d been brought back to the bedroom and Ryan had given her the Gods' Nectar, just before James, Chester and Wholwaski arrived.

“Were you tortured?” The King asked as she paused after telling how Chester had entered the fight by catching her off guard.

“No,” Sarah shook her head. “But the next part is a bit blurry.” She told him what she remembered of how she’d gotten out of Chester’s hold and managed to shove the remaiming Gods’ Nectar down his throat. Her head shook again in puzzlement as she recounted how Chester had jumped up to skewer Wholawski. “Only it wasn’t Chester, but York...”

“Wait,” the Princess touched her arm, “So it was York all along?”

“No,” Sarah shook her head. “Apparently York was the guy who had tried to kill me that Jason had killed, but the Gods’ Nectar allowed him to take over his twin’s body.”

“Oh,” the Princess’s hand flew to her mouth and the King looked at her. She shook her head. “It just explains some things that Tralee said, Gods rest her soul.”

“And so Wholawski died?” Demetrioso turned his attention back to Sarah.

“Not quite,” Sarah grimaced and explained how they’d taken him to the dungeon, for Sharon to torture, while they rescued Miriam and the rest of the Ladies.

“And then the fortress was toppled by the weather?” he asked.

“So I hear,” Sarah stated, “ but I wasn’t all that conscious on the way back to the base camp.”

King Demetioso nodded and looked off into the sun set. Silence settled upon them and Sarah felt the tension form the retelling washed away by the tinkling of the fountain. At last Demetiroso turned to face her, a smile upon his face.

“Sarah Ann Smith, you have done what no other champion of the Gods has been able to do. They have seen fit to reward you with love, and though my son was lost, may the Gods rest his soul, my daughter has been returned with the promise of a brighter future for all.” His gaze flicked to his daughter. “But the question remains, what can I offer you as a reward?”

“Yes,” Princess Allmarah angled herself towards Sarah as she clasped Sarah’s hands. “Father told me how you were brought from a different world, so we are not at all sure what would suit you for a reward.”

Sarah looked form the King to the Princess and back. “I don’t even know what I could ask for let alone what I want to ask for.” She looked back over the fountain deep in thought. “Phoenix will be keeping his rank, right?”

“I have not been able to fully sway General Hector on that matter. He seems to think you are not a good influence on Phoenix.”

“And so if Phoenix loses his rank and he marries me,” Sarah spoke her thoughts softly, “his father will disown him , since I have nothing of my own, which seems silly since he seemed to like me, especially after I flipped Gregory, but...”

“A dowry?” The Princess interrupted.

“Easily done,” King Demetrioso nodded.

“Nothing really big,” Sarah brought her attention back to focus. “I’m just a simple country girl who grew up on a farm, with a longing for horses. Just,” she looked into the King’s eyes, “just enough so that Lord Robert doesn’t feel it’s his duty to disown Jason.”

“Even more easily done,” King Demetrioso smiled. “ARTHUR?” he bellowed as he held out a hand to Sarah. The King helped her rise and then took her arm in a Scout grip. “You will have a dowry before you are wed.”

As soon as the King let her go Sarah found herself embraced by Princess Allmarah. “And you can be sure I will be present your wedding.”

“Thank you,” Sarah smiled feeling elated.

“Your Majesty?” Arthur bowed as he stopped at the edge of the stone walk.

“You may escort Sarah back to Phoenix’s house.”

The End

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