Fighting PhoenixesMature

Their swords clashed, Sarah just a split second behind Jason in unsheathing her weapon. The passage of time was nothing to them as they circled and danced, swords flashing in the sun. It was only Sarah’s agility that gave her any advantage because, despite her tough talk it was clear that Jason was still, and probably always would be, the better swordsman. She did have more of an advantage this time because she could feel Jay’s next move before he made it. Then again, she suspected he had the same advantage and so the blows rained on.

Suddenly a bell peeled through the air. It’s sound momentarily distracted Sarah as she realized it was dinner time.

“Shit,” she swore as Jason managed to disarm her. Couldn’t we call it a tie? Sarah asked as she continued the fight, since Sergeant Deer hadn’t called for a stop.

One of us ought to win, Jason responded as he avoided her hands.

Marriage is a compromise, she told him, not a commander leading a troop.

Jason’s sword nearly nicked her, but she managed to duck in and grab hold his wrist, to twist the sword from it.

Is that so? he asked, his eyes flicking to his sword on the ground.

“Yup,” Sarah said, stepping in and grabbing hold of his other hand.

Their eyes met and they both stopped fighting. Jason’s hands twisted to twine his fingers into hers as he closed the gap.


Deer’s voice broke the moment and Jason hastily stepped away from Sarah, his face slightly flushed. Cat calls and whistles we’re heard from the crowd at the fence.

“All right enough is enough,” Deer commended. “Off with you all to dinner, the show's over.”

“That was fun,” Sarah was still grinning as Jason handed her sword to her.

“Next time,” Jason sighed as he slipped his arm about her waist, “let us not fight so publically.”

The crowd had dispersed, but Sarah knew the rumors were likely to fly. She bit her lip. “But, it was fun, the sparring part,” she hastily amended, “not the fighting part.”

Jason chuckled as they passed into their yard. “Yes and, I will admit that you are the best opponent I have ever faced.”

 “Well it helped that I was able to sense what you were going to do just before you did it,” Sarah mentioned.

“What?” Jason spun her to face him. “You were using our connection to best me?”

“Uh,” Sarah cocked an eyebrow at him. “No, I was using it so you wouldn’t best me, which you still did.”

Jason studied her for a moment and laughed. “All right my disobedient wife to be,” he planted a kiss to her lips before opening the back door. “You should get cleaned up and put yourself back into skirts.”

“Only if cleaning up means a bath,” Sarah sighed as they entered the house.

“I’ll start the water if you scrounge up something to eat,” Jason bargained.


There was soup leftover from lunch, so Sarah got that to heating after ladling in some water from Jason’s first trip to the well. Then she went down to the root cellar and found some bread and cheese to go with it, making sure to leave enough for breakfast in the morning. No sooner had they finished eating than a knock was heard on the front door. Jason answered it as Sarah began to clean up. It wasn’t long before he returned, grim look upon his face.

“I’ll finish washing,” he told her. “You’ve been summoned by the King.”

Sarah swallowed. “Should I change?”

“It does not matter.” Sarah turned to find Sir Arthur in the hall. “I was sent to fetch you as soon as the King heard the fight had ended.”

Sarah swallowed, remembering Jason’s reaction to her absence at the debriefing the other day. “Right.” She turned back to Jay. “Any advice you’d like to give me?”

Jason took a deep breath and let it out. “Just be honest. You did the right thing, Caring for Lady Miriam, and throughout the campaign. You are unconventional, but,” he smiled, “you are who you are.” He reached up and stroked her cheek. “I love you Sarah,” he whispered, “no matter what.” He kissed her gently upon the lips and moved to finish washing the dishes in the sink.

Smiling, Sarah watched him until Sir Arthur cleared his throat behind her.

Thanks Jay, she thought as she turned to follow his brother. I love you too, no matter what.

The End

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