Passing ResponsibilityMature

Sarah went down two sets of stairs to end up in the root cellar. Her neighbors hadn’t stopped by with her market goods yet, so she found some bread and cheese. Bringing them back up, she steeped tea, a pot for her and Lady Abigail and a cup for Lady Miriam.

Jay? She called mentally, not hearing him about the house or seeing him in the yard.

Practice field, he told her and she could sense he was sparring, Not much for me to do there.

Will you want breakfast?

I ate here, was his terse reply.

Shrugging it off, Sarah took advantage of Lady Abigail’s presence to visit the communal chicken coup. An egg and cheese sandwich sounded delicious right now.  Sarah smiled as she found three left. Carrying them in her apron, Sarah looked up to the bedroom window. She could see Lady Abigail and Lady Miriam talking.

Their voices drifted down quietly through the floor boards as Sarah prepared breakfast. Since Miriam didn’t sound hysterical, Sarah didn’t disturb them until she called up that breakfast was ready.

“Is my son not joining us?” Lady Abigail asked.

“He ate at the barracks.”

Sarah shrugged as she set the food on the table. Lady Miriam eyed it curiously.

“Then something did happen between you two,” Lady Abigail admonished.

Sarah felt her cheeks flush. “No, not really, I mean, I don’t know.”

“I didn’t upset things did I?” Miriam looked up from her food, tears shining in her eyes. “Lady Abigail told me you are in Tri-Luna and...” her voice trailed off.

“And oddly enough my Tri-Luna with him has been about being apart rather than together.” Sarah sighed and shook her head. “No Miriam,” she reached out to pat the Lady’s hand, “it’s not your fault at all. You just got caught in the middle.”

“But,” Lady Abigail placed an arm around Miriam, “Lady Miriam will stay with me at the city house and once I have seen you and my son properly married, I think a rest at the Manor will do her well.”

“Are you sure?” Sarah swallowed her bite. “She’s welcome to stay here.”

Lady Abigail smiled. “No, No, Miriam and I have talked. Besides, you and Jason should have the chance to have a proper Tri-Luna, if shortened.”

“Are you sure?” Sarah looked to the girl.

Miriam nodded, though she looked nervous.

“I insist,” Lady Abigail stated. “It is a family matter, and so she shall reside with the family in charge of the matter.”


Sarah wasn’t so sure about it, but she could tell there would be no arguing with Jason’s mother. Not that it won’t be a relief, she thought to herself. It would certainly make her life simpler.

“We will stop by to inform the King and Princess of our plan,” Lady Abigail informed Sarah as she stood. “I am certain he will see the wisdom of the idea.”

“Of course.” Sarah’s eyes didn’t waiver from Lady Miriam.

The girl stood and swayed slightly. Sarah took her into an embrace. Moving into the hall Lady Abigail gave them a moment alone.

“Do, do you trust her?” Miriam asked, pulling away, her eyes wet with tears.

“She’s my fiancé’s mother,” Sarah stated, but wasn’t enough to calm Miriam. Looking into the girl’s eyes Sarah thought a moment and smiled. “Yes, I trust her. She’s a good woman and she’ll take good care of you as she did me.” Sarah leaned in as she gave the girl another hug. “She helped me through my forcing.”

Kissing the girl upon the cheeks Sarah stepped back and led her to Lady Abigail. Jason’s mother waited by the door and smiled as they approached.  Lady Miriam took a hesitant step from Sarah and the woman put her arm around the child.

“Come child, let us let them finish their Tri-Luna in peace, and you and I shall go visit the Princess.”

Sarah held the door for them and watched as they headed towards the castle. Heaving a sigh, she closed the door. A great weight had been lifted from her shoulders, but exhaustion hit her and Sarah collapsed upon the couch.


A knock at the front door, startled her awake. The knock came again so Sarah rolled off the couch. Shivering slightly, she donned her jacket and opened the door. Her stomach grumbled loudly as she tried to make sense of why Alice and Jennifer would be standing outside her door.

“Did you want anything from Market?” Jennifer asked kindly.

“Market?” Sarah blinked a few more times and looked about. “It’s morning?”

“Yes it is,” Alice giggled.

Jennifer smiled slightly, “We can wait while you collect yourself. Market isn’t going anywhere.”

“Thanks, it shouldn’t take me too long.”

The End

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