Convincing FarquadMature

Silence reigned as they formed a line to wash and dry the dishes. Sarah wasn’t sure how the food had managed to last, but it had been enough. Once the dishes were washed, Mistress Laura ducked out and brought back beer for them all.

“In memory of the dead, to our newlyweds, and the blessed boy.” Mistress Laura held up her cup.

“Huzzah,” they cheered quietly before drinking deeply.

“Do you know,” Princess Allmarah broke the brief silence, “when we will get back to Verdas?” her eyes flicked from Sarah to Laura.

Mistress Laura sighed. “It’s going to be a long walk. We ought to make it by spring, though.”

Princess Allmarah furrowed her brow and looked to Sarah. “I thought...”

Sarah nodded. “I’ll check, but she might not have been informed of our pending port.”

So as she contacted Jason, Princess Allmarah told Mistress Laura about the Gods generosity. It took a moment before he got back to her.

Tomorrow, mid morning according to our plan, Jason told her at last, I do not suppose you have any suggestions for our last opening. He sounded very tired.

Lady Miriam, Sarah responded without thought. All of the women here are leaving, not to mention how much she’s taken to the baby. We could lose all progress with her recovery if we ask her to stay.

He was clearly passing this information on so Sarah informed the Princess that they’d be leaving in the morning.

“All of us?” Mistress Laura asked.

“I’ll check.” Sarah went back to mentally waiting for Jason’s attention.

She could feel his frustration mounting. With a little bit of concentration she could tell he was arguing with Lord Farquad. Slowly she figured out they were arguing over Lady Miriam coming to Vervell. The Lord was against the idea, while Jason was for it.

“Hang on, I’ll be back,” she told the group as she left the Pairent's house.

Following her mental link with Jason wasn’t as hard as Sarah thought it might be. Of course the closer she got the more obvious it became and soon she was directed by their voices. Sarah knocked on the tent pole.

“Who is it?” Lord Farquad growled.

Sarah answered by letting herself in. “My Lord,” she bowed, trying to remember as much of her manners as possible.” She ignored Jason’s mental questions and his look. “If I am not mistaken, we are talking about the welfare of Lady Miriam, correct?”

“I am not sending her away to an unknown country with strangers.”

“But we are not strangers,” Sarah countered. “Lady Miriam was staying in the same room as Princess Allmarah and her maids. Your daughter also has trusted me enough to tell me all that has happened to her. Not to mention the profound affect helping Goodwoman Katherine care for her child...”

“She is not a serving wench!”

“I’m not implying that she is, My Lord,” Sarah maintained her calm as much as she could.

Lord Farquad’s eyes narrowed, anger burning in them. Deciding a switch of tactic would be best, Sarah tried again.

“Lord Farquad, if you love your daughter, if you have any, any, desire for her to find a happily ever after and raise a family of her own, you will let her come.”

“Why?” he grumbled, arms crossed.

“Because sometimes, you have to get as far away as you can, from where the trauma happened to heal.”

Sarah met his steely gaze. They stood neither one speaking. Lord Farquad’s eyes bore into Sarah as if striving to uncover some sort of ruse. Sarah held her ground. If anyone knew what they were talking about it was her. After all, she’d run from the city to her farm and back to the Grove, but she hadn’t fully been healed until she got here. Hopefully, Lady Miriam wouldn’t need that much distance.

The End

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