Feeding the Multitude (Part 2)Mature

Once the somber crowd from the memorial was gone, Katherine was ushered away by the Grand-Moyther, leaving a sleeping Brian with Lady Miriam. Shortly after, Princess Allmarah left with a smile. Sarah sighed as she looked into the soup pots. There was very little left, despite their trying to conserve it.

Mistress Laura patted her shoulder. “The Gods will provide.”

Sarah smiled. If she ever believed in the Gods, now was the time and she wondered if they’d find some bread and fish to multiple to feed the multitude.

“You staying warm enough?” Sarah asked Reed as she tested the doneness of the meat.

“Yeah.” He grinned. “Oh and a few of the Azureans just stopped by with those buckets. Haven’t looked in them yet, but they said it was for the feasting.”

Sarah looked over to where a row of ten buckets sat against the Pairents house. Water splashed from a few of them. Amused she walked over.

“Fish,” she laughed. “Well, that’ll help for the third round of feeding.” She turned back to Reed. “Keep the fire very low now. The meat’s cooked we just want to keep it warm, we’ll carve it up for after the wedding.”

Sarah and Mistress Laura gutted and cleaned the fish outside as snippets of song could be heard coming from the Temple. They were just brining the fish inside to start more stew when Jason joined them.

“How was the wedding?” Sarah asked as he helped.

“I do not know.” Jason shrugged. “I was station inside the Gods Cavern the whole time and rushed out as soon as I could.”

“Why?” Sarah asked, shooing him back to the door as Miriam stiffened slightly at his presence.

Jason stole a quick kiss from her. “James and Katherine stay down there while everyone else celebrates.”

“Why?” Sarah cocked her head to the side, curious

“Their Tri-Luna is over.” He grinned, his eyes twinkling. “What do you think they’d want to do while alone.”

“Oh really?” Sarah chuckled. “Then if you’re not busy go help Reed serve up the cow.”

Inside the makeshift Pairents house, the women worked while the sounds of festivities drifted in through the walls. Sarah eyed the bucket of potatoes suspiciously. She could have sworn they’d used all of them for the soup that morning, yet the bucket was still full. A cheer from outside interrupted her thoughts.

“I’ll take baby Brian now,” Mistress Laura told Lady Miriam.

The young woman looked up from where she’d been playing with the tiny lad. “Can I?” she asked.

“Of course,” Grand-Moyther Magdalene spoke from the doorway.

Lady Miriam scooped up the child, wrapped him in a blanket and followed Moyther Magdalene to the Temple. Staying inside, Mistress Laura took over Miriam’s tasks. Soon Princess Allmarah joined them. It seemed that no sooner was the soup ready, then the blessing was over and there were more hungry people to feed. By the time that was done all Sarah wanted to do was sit and rest, maybe even sleep.

Can we draft some Scouts to do the clean up? Sarah pleaded with Jason mentally.

Jason chuckled. You can try, but I think everyone wants to sleep. The Skathains had the beer flowing again.

Deciding not to, Sarah was grateful when Katherine and Lady Miriam returned to help. Lady Miriam returned to her corner where she kept watch over the now sleeping Brian. Katherine, however rolled up her sleeves to help wash.

The End

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