A Meeting is CalledMature

Sarah, Jason’s voice broke into Sarah’s reverie. I need you to find Sparrow and let her know we are heading in to you.

Giving Allmarah’s shoulder a parting squeeze Sarah stepped out of the Temple. She found the Grand-Moyther supervising the careful cutting of the Willow trees around the temple, while the Grand-Fayther was supervising the enlargement of the shelter Sparrow had them make yesterday. Sarah spotted Kevin.

“Have you seen Sparrow?”

Kevin shook his head.

“Sergeant Sparrow,” the Gand-Fayther stated as he passed them, “went with Charles to inform Phoenix of what we are doing.”

“He knows what we’re doing,” Sarah stated, “I just spoke with him.”

The Grand-Fayther stopped and patted her shoulder. “Recent events have shaken her faith slightly, no offence to you.”

Jay? Sarah send a thought out once more. You’ll probably meet Sparrow on the way in.

There was mental nod from him but no more, so Sarah went to see how she could help. She started working on improving the house, but soon the Grand-Moyther recruited her and the other women there to help inside the Temple.

“It won’t be a proper Gods’ hut,” she told them, “but it will have to do.”

Stout logs had been tied together to form a teepee like frame. Over this women used the cut Willow boughs to create the walls, leaving an opening that faced the Gods's Cavern. A second one was created on the other side. By the time they were finished the sun was well descended in the sky.

“How many did Phoenix bring with him?” Princess Allmarah asked Sarah as they stepped from out of the Temple.

For some reason Sarah hadn’t heard the group arrive, but they’d been here long enough to have set up tents.

“Looks like everyone,” she stated, “though I’m not quite sure how they made it through the woods.”

“Not everyone.” Jason startled them as he came through the Willows. “Lord Farquad left most his men and trusted Captains to look after the Azurean soldiers we’ve acquired.”

“So all the Skathians came though?” Sarah asked, still marveling at how quickly the place had become a camp.

“I don’t think they trusted us with the wounded,” Jason grinned. “While I wasn’t able to understand a word the woman said, their healer seemed pretty adamant about coming and it all snowballed from there.”

“That’s because my Brother,” Alara joined the conversation with a pointed look to Gwythryn who stood beside her. “Still doesn’t know how to assert his authority outside of a battle field.”

Gwthryn’s face flushed, though it could just be the cold, but he muttered something under his breath.

“Is Lord Farquad here?” The Grand-Fayther joined them.

“He’ll be here once Brianne sees to his cuts,” Alara informed him.

“Good,” the Grand-Fayther rubbed his hands together. “Tomorrow we shall be uniting James and Katherine in marriage.”

“No Tri-Luna?” Sarah asked curiously.

“They’ve already had one of sorts,” the Grand-Moyther stepped into the group. “Plus they have an infant needing a blessing.” She smiled. “The Gods will allow for shortcuts when the situation demands it.”

“Right.” The explanation made Sarah wonder why she and Jason didn’t get a shortcut, considering how long they’d been in a ‘sort of’ Tri-Luna phase. However, the Gods had already granted her one request, she wasn’t going to be greedy and make another.

“Now,” Grand-Fayther Jesus took back the conversation, “I would like to ask Lord and Lady Phoenix, Lord Farquad, James, Alithane Gwyrthryn and Alithana Alara to join me and the Grand-Moyther in the Temple to discuss this porting idea.”

“Do not Prince Hermanaus and I get to attend?” Princess Allarah queried.

“No, your paths are set,” The Grand-Fayther stated.

“But they are Royalty,” the Grand-Moyther pondered.

“But not of military mind,” The Grand-Fayther pointed out.

“Neither is Lady Phoenix, and that doesn’t exclude her from listening,” The Grand-Moyther continued her argument, “and it certainly wouldn’t hurt for the Prince and Princess to to hear the discussion.”

For a moment Grand-fayther looked as though he would counter. “No,” he nodded, “You are right. So long as they remember,” he looked to Allmarah, “that they are not the ones making decisions.”

“Of course,” Princess Allmarah nodded her concession.

The End

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