They took turns watching over Tralee, not bothering to keep any Scout watch. The decision to leave her here rankled at Sarah.

“Could have at least sent Mistress Laura, or asked the Grand-Moyther to come,” she grumbled to herself.

Harriet lifted her head to look at Sarah. “Tralee doesn’t want to live.” The woman swallowed. “There was true love between her and York. She doesn’t want to live without him.”

Sarah frowned and looked down at Tralee. The girl couldn't be any older than she was. She has plenty of life left, at least, Sarah sighed, if we were in my world. But, surely she could fall in love with someone else. Furrowing her brow Sarah climbed into her bed roll for sleep. Jay? her thoughts sought her love. His mind touched hers gently. What would you do if I died?

There was silence for a while and she wondered if he’d answer.

I’d try to be thankful for the time we were given together and try to carry on, Jason said at last.

I don’t think Tralee wants to, Sarah sighed.

Get rest Sarah, whatever happens, happens.

Sarah slept, Que Sera, Sera playing in her head.

Roused from sleep by a shake of her shoulder Sarah opened her eyes to see Lady Miriam. Something had changed and for a moment she couldn’t figure out what it was. Silence, she thought at last, turning to face Tralee. The young woman had been gently laid upon her back, arms and hands folded upon her chest. Her mouth turned up in a smile as if, in the end, everything had become right in the world. It made her beautiful, despite the stillness of death that lay upon her.

Looking about Sarah didn’t spot Princess Allmarah. Harriet was tending to breakfast and Katherine to her fussy child.

“I am not leaving!” The Princess's voice floated down.

Sara made her way to the stairs. She heard Sparrow’s voice, but couldn’t make out the reply.

“We are in a Temple and there is a Mistress and a Master with our group.” The Princess stated again. “I will not leave until Tralee has had a proper Memorial.”

“And what about all those who died to free you from the fortress?” Sparrow demanded. “None of them got a proper Memorial.”

“They will get one,” The Grand-Moyther’s voice came from behind Sarah.

Turning she saw that the Grand-Moyther wasn’t alone.

“You will stay here.” The Grand-Fayther nodded to Sarah as he moved past her. “Please tell Lord Phoenix, he must join us and he must bring all the wounded.”

Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise, there was no way...

The Grand-Moyther smiled as she passed her on the stairs. “Yes child, the Gods have decided to honor your request.”

JAY! Sarah cried out to him. The Gods will port Princess Allmarah and the wounded to Vervell!

There was a moment of silence. Scout Smith, calm down and then report please.

Oh don’t be stuffy Jay, Sarah huffed at him, the Grand-Moyther just told me that the Gods are honoring my request and the Grand-Fayther said you are to join us and to bring the wounded.

Tired of standing still Sarah went back down to see if Harriet needed any help. The woman shooed her away, so Sarah went back up. The Grand-Parents and Sparrow were no longer in the Temple, but Princess Allmarah stood under the Godwood tree. Sarah approached her and gently touched the young woman’s shoulder. She turned with a sad smile.

“It is silly of me to mourn so much, is it not?” She asked.

Sarah shook her head. “No, of course not. Tralee was your friend...”

“She was my lady-in-waiting,” the Princess turned back to the Godwood.

“No,” Sarah put an arm around Allmarah’s shoulder, to her surprise. “She was your friend. You can’t go through everything you have together and not become friends.”

“Do you think Tralee knew?”

“Absolutely,” Sarah nodded.

Allmarah smiled through her tears and the two of them looked up into the Godwood, thinking of their lost loved ones.

The End

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