Discussions with a Goddess (Part 2)Mature

 Sarah’s first question came out, without thought. “How did the Grand-Moyther heal me and then disappear yesterday?”

“All Pairents are given the ability to heal through touch and potions.” The Goddess explained. “as to her disappearance, all Gods’ Caverns are connected and we wished her to let King Demetrioso know his daughter was safe.”

“Wait,” Sarah furrowed her brows in puzzlement. “So she was ported to Verdas, the way Ryan traveled by Willow to lead us?”

“By our will, yes,” the Great-Grand-Moyther nodded.

“Can anyone travel that way?” Sarah looked to the glowing woman.

“No,” she shook her head. “It is restricted by faith, and reserved for Pairents and,” she sighed, “Nigiri Assassins.”

“But what about Ryan, and Jason, and me?” Sarah asked curiously.

“Ryan,” The Great-Grand-Moyther stated, “is replacing Chester and York as our next Nigiri.” Sarah opened her mouth to ask about that, but Eve continued, “Lord Phoenix, has a Fayther’s faith and the two of you share connection that we wished to strengthen.” She smiled as she looked out of the tree. “A connection that allowed him to be our Assassins’ assassin.”

“Right.” Sarah nodded and she too looked through the branches.

Her brain noted that the sun was rising, but shoved it aside for more critical thoughts. At first, she was angery that the Gods had not ported their rescue group here from Verdas. It would have given them more time for training. Or, they would have been able to arrive before it snowed. Not that the snow hadn’t been advantageous at times. But, Sarah sighed, that would make her sound whiny. But what of the fact that they were going to be continually attacked the whole way back to Vervell? What about the wounded? Sarah turned to face Moyther Eve.

“Can we use the Temple to get back to Vervell?”

The Goddess removed her arm from Sarah’s shoulder and looked at her sternly.

“You could consider it a reward, for toppling Wholwaski and his men,” Sarah continued.

The woman’s expression didn’t change.

“I’m not asking for everyone,” Sarah shifted her body to face the Goddess, “because it’d be silly for Lord Farquad and his men to show up in Vervell; or all the Skathians. But, what about wounded and the women not used to battle? Trekking through the cold and snow; fighting the whole way down. It’s going to kill them, slowly. What about James and Katherine’s baby? Doesn’t he deserve a chance to live? If you want me to walk back, that’s fine. I’m tough. I can take it. But, what about the ones that can’t? What about Allmarah, or Tralee?” Sarah stopped realizing she was becoming a bit too animated.

The Goddess smiled and kissed her forehead. “I will talk to Adam about it, but I can make no promises.”

Sarah closed her eyes and nodded. When she opened them the Great-Grand-Moyther was gone. Blinking, Sarah finally processed the fact that the sun had risen and she’d probably missed breakfast.

“I found her,” Princess Allmarah’s voice called from below. “She’s in the Godwood.”

Sarah looked down to see horrified look on the Princess’s face.

“Best place for talking to the Gods, right?” Sarah stated as she hung upside down before flipping to the ground.

The Princess didn’t change her expression.

“I was talking to the Great-Grand-Moyther. Not that you believe me...” Sarah sighed and turned to Sparrow, who’d joined them

“Go down and eat, then report to me by the Pairents house,” Sparrow ordered.

Sarah hung her head and went down into the Gods’ Cavern, where Harriet gave her what remained of breakfast. As she ate her gaze fell upon Tralee who was being tended to by Katherine. The young maid did not look well at all for she kept tossing and turning and moaning softly.

“What’s wrong with Tralee?” Sarah asked quietly.

Harriet turned from her tasks to glance at Tralee and heaved a large sigh. “She broke out with a fever this morning. I thought you were the one that noticed it.”

“I was,” Sarah sighed as she ate. “But she didn’t seem that bad.”

Harriet shrugged and returned to her task of cleaning the breakfast dishes in preparation for cooking lunch. Sarah left her to it, and then returned to find Sparrow at the Pairents house. The moment the Sergeant caught sight of her, she barked orders at James and Hermanus, sending them off into the woods.

The End

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