Discussions with a Goddess (Part 1)Mature

Sparrow woke Sarah for her watch. Rising Sarah looked to Tralee, who’d emitted a soft moan. The girl didn’t look very well at all. Sarah reached over and felt her. Tralee was hot to the touch. Moving to Katherine, who was awake and feeding the babe, she spoke of Tralee’s condition. The woman nodded and assured her she would see to Tralee, so Sarah climbed the stairs to join James. The man stood under the Dogwood tree, looking up into its branches.

“James?” she whispered softly and he started.

He smiled a bit sheepishly and they moved from the warmth of the Temple. “Sparrow wants us to go in opposite directions around the Temple and keep an eye out for anything odd.”

“I’ll go right.”

James nodded and faced the other direction. As Sarah walked along the Willows, she held out her hand, touching the leaves as she went past. It was odd, and only pointed out that there were things here she didn’t understand. How had Magdalene healed her in a matter of moments what would have taken weeks? How was it that the Willow trees, despite the fact that there was over a foot of snow or more in the surrounding woods, had not shed a single leaf? And then Lynn, who, as far as Sarah could tell, had some influence over the weather.

Lost in her thoughts, Sarah nearly bumped into James. He too seemed preoccupied. They smiled apologetically and continued onward in their directions. Sarah tried her best to focus on the world around her. There really wasn’t much to see other than snow covered trees. The moon gave a little light, but it was enough to see what she needed. Not even an owl seemed to be out.

Passing each other over six times, Sarah hadn't really kept count, they both stopped. The sky was definitely lightening. Without speaking a word, James ducked under the Willows to go wake Charles and Kevin. Sarah continued her rounds until she got back to the Dogwood tree. She looked up at it, and then without thinking, clambered up into its branches. There was a little crook that reminded her of home. Home, the thought sent a tear to her eye.

An arm placed itself gently around her shoulders and Sarah looked over, startled to see a glowing woman in white. She had the sense that she’d met her before, but couldn’t remember the meeting. The woman was obviously a Moyther of some sort. But...

“I am sorry we had to take you away from your family,” the woman’s voice was soft and kind. Sarah felt enveloped in love. “But, I’m afraid it was necessary.” The woman turned to look into Sarah face. “Wholwaski and Chester are dead, I presume.”

“Um...” Sarah looked at the woman perplex and she laughed slightly.

“Introductions I suppose.” She smiled. “I am the Great-Grand-Moyther Eve, Goddess of this world. We met after York tried to finish what Chester started.” She sighed.” I am dreadfully sorry about the headaches.”

“Okay,” Sarah furrowed her eyebrows. “So you’re the God, or well one of them.”

“There are only two of us. Great-Grand-Fayther Adam is busy trying to convince Prince Hermanus’s father that now really isn’t a good time to die.”

“Right,” Sarah wasn’t all that less perplexed. “I’m sorry, but have I fallen asleep, or hit my head or...”

The Goddess laughed. “Oh goodness no, but you did climb the Dogwood tree so it seemed a perfect time to visit.”

“But if you are a Goddess, then wouldn’t you know that Wholwaski and Chester were dead?” Sarah looked at her. “I mean I thought Gods were all knowing and all powerful and stuff.”

The Great-grand-Moyther sighed. “We are, for the most part, but much of what we see is seen through the eyes of those who believe. Wholawski chose not to believe in us and thus his path has always been clouded in my sight. His choices were not ones we could predict and thus the future has been uncertain.”

“Well Sharon would be the better person to ask about Wholwaski.” Sarah sighed. “I saw Jason run Chester through with his sword before I passed out.”

“Shame they could not have been cremated,” Eve sighed as well. “Then we could be sure their spirits wouldn’t stir up trouble. But, we must work with what we have. Adam might have some ideas with what to do with their spirits.” She smiled. “But enough of the depressing, There is much that weighs upon your mind.”

The End

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