Reporting to PhoenixMature

Sparrow sighed and moved to where Sarah lay. “Have you alerted Phoenix to our arrival at a Temple?”

“Not yet,” Sarah shook her head as she sat up, feeling a whole lot better.

“You can let him know we have found it, and we are taking residence in the Gods’ Cavern upon the insistence of Grand-Moyther Magdalene. Also let him know that we will be able to survive here for a few days and that Charles and Kevin will be investigating the path to the road that Ryan mentioned, in the morning.”

“Aye, aye captain,” Sarah gave her a military salute.

Sparrow gave her a puzzled glance before shaking her head and moving to speak with Harriet and Tralee. Allmarah cocked her head and looked as though she was about to ask Sarah something. She apparently thought better about it and rose. Smiling she left Sarah alone.

Jay? her thoughts reached out to him. He was there and she could feel his slight smile, but no response. Alright, she sighed as she lay back down, arms under her head, eyes on the ceiling. Sergeant Phoenix I have a report from Sergeant Sparrow.

Perfect timing, Scout Smith, he chuckled. Report.

Sarah reported what Sparrow had told her. Silence followed and Sarah wondered if Jason had listened or just forgotten to thank her.

And you are sure it was the Grand-Moyther who insisted on your staying in the Gods’ Cavern? His voice came across as annoyed, though tolerant.

Sarah snorted. If looks could kill, I’d have been dead for suggesting it, but then Moyther Magdalene rose up from the cavern and told us we were to stay there.

There was a slight smile in Jason’s response. Thank you, Scout Smith. You will receive your orders shortly.

Sighing Sarah rolled to one side to watch the women cook. She was just in time to see Harriet shoo a sneezing Tralee in Sarah's direction. The dejected woman grabbed a bedroll and set it up near Sarah’s.

“Did the Grand-Moyther heal you?” Tralee asked.


Sarah looked puzzled at the woman who indicated her shoulder; the one Sarah was currently using to support herself. Startled Sarah sat up and then tested her full range of motion. Her shoulder did indeed feel healed, maybe not to one hundred percent yet, but...

“I guess so,” Sarah smiled. Her smile faded as she realized Tralee was climbing into her bed. “Are you all right?”

“Just tired,” Tralee sneezed again.

“Bless you.”

The girl sighed. “I wish the Gods would.” She yawned and rolled to face away from everyone. “I thought they had,” Tralee spoke so softly that Sarah wasn’t sure she heard right.

Shrugging, Sarah stood. Her leg did not feel as healed as her shoulder, but she’d be able to walk without a crutch at least. She went to Harriet by the fire, to see if she needed any help. But, with Katherine and the Princess helping, there was no need for Sarah. Since Lady Miriam was taking care of the child, Sarah climbed the stairs.

She caught sight of Sparrow, talking quietly with the men, though Hermanus was more a boy compared to the rest of them. Prince Hermanus saw her first and he made a little room in the group. Sparrow nodded to her.

“You’re looking better.”

“I don’t know what the Grand-Moyther did, but I feel almost like myself again.” Sarah grinned.

“Good. I want you to take the third watch with James. As soon as the sky begins to lighten, get Charles and Kevin up. Once they reach the road they’ll build a line of snowmen from there to here.”

Sarah relayed the information to Jason, who didn’t seem to be busy at the moment.

A snowman? Jason asked.

Should I tell them to make it anatomically correct so it looks like someone got frozen while pissing off the side of the road? She chuckled, causing the group to glance her direction, so she told them what she’d told Jason.

How about, he chuckled, you have Kevin and Charles place it out of sight from the road. But, close enough for the forward scouts to find.

Despite his amusement, Sarah could tell Jason’s  instructions were serious, so she relayed that to the group as well. Charles looked slightly disappointed and Sparrow chuckled and nodded.

“I want all but Kevin and Charles turn in for the night.”

The End

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