A Horse for the Princess (Part 2)Mature

 “I’m sure it’s right,” Prince Hermanus quickly jumped in to assure Allarah.

“Oh I am sure it is too your highness,” Sparrow laughed, “for that is Alithane Gwythryn’s war horse.”

“Oh,” Allmarah’s face began to turn crimson. “Do you mind?” she asked shyly, “I am sure he and I will get along. What is his name?”

“Whytnere,” Gwythryn managed to get out. “But he is a dangerous beast. I think I bruised every part of my body to bring him under control and he is vicious and fearsome in war.”

“Well are we not fighting a war against the winter in our travels home?” She smiled. “I am sure he and I will conquer that well together.”

Whytnere whicker again and nosed at Princess Allmarah’s shoulder. Smiling she scratched behind his ears much to the stallion’s delight.

“Your highness,” Gwythryn worried, “he could turn on you at any moment and throw you from him. Given these mountains, it is likely that he could kill you if he desired. By the Lady he’s done tried to kill me enough times.”

Princess Allmarah looked at Gwythryn and nodded before turning to Jason. “Phoenix...”

Jason held up a hand. “Your Highness,” Jason stepped away from Sarah and gave Allmarah a bow. “Beyond Alithane Gwythryn’s warnings, it is not a wise idea because we may face adversaries on our way home and it would be best if Gwythryn remains Whytnere’s rider.”

A pout crossed over Princess Allmarah’s face and Sarah thought she would disagree. At last, she let out a sigh. “No, you are right Sergeant Phoenix.” Turning back to the horse, she patted it again. “I do not think you would hurt would me, you beautiful thing, you.”

The horse whuffed in agreement.

“~Aesnageth~!” Gwythryn muttered.

“But,” the Princess continued, “it is best you stay with Alithane Gwythryn.”  

She stepped back and Gwythryn took the snorting horse’s reins and led him away.

“Brianne’s horse is a fine horse,” Alithana Alara stepped in and gently guided the Princess to another horse.

“So how am I traveling back?” Sarah asked as Jason rejoined her.

“You will ride with the wounded on one of the supply wagons,” he stated. “Now go get some rest, I do not want you catching a cold on top of your other wounds.”

“Worry wort,” Sarah stuck her tongue out briefly at him before leaving.

Returning to their tirug, she stopped as she caught sight of Lady Miriam. The young woman was hurrying towards Sarah, with Lord Farquad following. Sarah stayed outside the hut to wait for them. Miriam took Sarah’s hand and then clung to her like a small child as she turned to face her father. Sarah could see the girl was holding back tears. Looking to Lord Farquad, Sarah saw concern written all over his face.

“She says she feels more comfortable with you than me.” His eyes looked sadly upon his daughter.

“Well,” Sarah sighed, “I’m not surprised, the healing process...”

“Why can I not be a part of it?” The man’s frustration sounded like anger and Miriam hid behind Sarah.

“And she understands what I’ve been through,” Miriam replied tearfully.

“Why can’t you help me understand?” Lord Farquad’s brows furrowed and Miriam buried her head in Sarah’s back.

Jay, Sarah sent a thought out, there was murmur of half attention. Do you trust Lord Farquad?

Of course, was his reply, why?

Because I’m about to invite him into our hut to try and explain his daughter’s behavior. She’d be kidding herself if it didn’t make her nervous inviting the man inside.

I will be but a thought away, Jason told her gently.

Sarah looked back to Lord Farquad who had emitted a growling sigh. Reaching out she touched his arm as he turn away from them.

“My Lord,” she spoke politely. “Come inside and I’ll try to explain.”

The End

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