A Horse for the Princess (Part 1)Mature

Help wasn’t far, but as soon as the Skathains realized she was wounded they shooed Sarah off. Limping back to her tirug, for Jason had told her to rest, Sarah caught sight of horses. They were lined up for inspection and Princess Allmarah was already walking down the line. A wave caught her attention and Sarah looked to see Prince Hermanus standing next to Sergeant Sparrow.

“Have you ever ridden a horse before,” he whispered to Sarah as she joined them.

“Long ago, well no,” Sarah smiled as she remembered her ride back to Verdas, “I did ride from the training barracks to Verdas before this mission.”

“So you know how?” Prince Hermanus sighed. “No one ever taught me.”

Sarah looked at him dumbfounded for a moment, “but I thought all Princes...” She stopped seeing his face. “It’s never too late to learn you know.”

“Could you teach me?” Prince Hermanus asked eagerly.

“Well I doubt we have much time...”

“But you are here to pick a horse to ride aren’t you?”

“Me?” Sarah laughed. “No I’m just here to look at them.”

“Her father used to raise horses,” Jason came up, placing one arm around Sarah’s waist. “We’ll get you a proper mount after our wedding,” he smiled at her.

Prince Hermanus and Sarah looked back to where Princess Allmarah was examining the horses. There were five total that had been deemed appropriate for her choosing. Moving forward they stood next to Gwythryn, who was supervising the process.

“Is that one supposed to be here?” Sarah asked noticing a big black stallion prancing into the line up with a snort.

“No.” Gwythryn glared at the horse who was nosing Princess Allmarah.

The Vervellean Princess turned to face the new addition. “Now, you are a beauty,” she sighed as the horse whickered at her.

Sarah glanced at Gwythryn whose jaw had dropped open. She smothered a laugh.

“He looks like a beast.” The Prince spoke as he eyed the large warhorse with trepidation.

“He is a beast,” Gwythryn stated as the Princess offered the horse a carrot. “I wouldn’t if...” his voice trailed off as the horse looked at the carrot, breathed upon it once and then gobbled it up.

Princess Allmarah reached up and scratched behind the horses ears. “You are a beautiful brute are you not,” she smiled softly and then turned to Gwythryn. “I would like to ride this one.”

They all looked to Gwythryn whose mouth opened and closed a few time before any words came out. “Are, are you sure your highness?”

“Of course,” she looked astonished. “He is a fine steed, spirited and strong.”

Gwythryn looked to Jason who shrugged. Sarah did too as did Prince Hermanus.

“Is my judgment wrong?” the Princess asked looking just a little uncertain. “It has been a while since I have had to judge a horse’s character I could be out of practice.”

The End

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