The Fate of Wholawski and SharonMature

“I feel useless,” Sarah stated, her hatred of being injured coming through.

“Useless?” Jason looked back at her before shoveling the last bit to connect their path to another. “Sarah, you are injured, and you have been nothing but useful in these past few weeks. How can you feel useless?”

“Please,” Sarah sighed as he shouldered his shovel. “It was Sharon and James that did the work. I just played distraction for Wholawski and pincushion for Chester.”

Jason looked at her puzzled for a moment. Then he nodded. “You kept Wholawski from harming the Princess, you rescued Lady Miriam from the dungeon; twice. Not to mention the information you were able to mentally provide to me.”

“I suppose,” she sighed. They walked to the hall in silence. “Wholawski is dead isn’t he?”

Jason stopped with his hand on the door. “Sharon assured me he was.”

“So, what happened to Sharon?” Sarah asked as they entered the warm room. A few other scouts were there and waived them over. “I mean she didn’t die did she?”

No, Jason switched to mental communication, not as far as I know. She declined to come with us.

“Why?” Sarah inadvertently spoke aloud.

Jason looked at her as they sat down and shook his head very slightly. Sighing Sarah joined him in greeting the others from Sparrow, Griffon and Phoenix troops. It wasn’t until he offered her a plate of food that Jason continued their conversation.

Sharon did not feel she was fit to live with others anymore.

Why not? Sarah asked, confused.

She feels she did not do enough to keep the things that happened from happening. Jason mentally shrugged.

I guess it makes sense, Sarah sighed, I mean I know she was his sister, but you're his...

Sarah, Jason interrupted her kindly, there are not many who know that. My mother would rather it NOT be widely known that her older brother had a son out of wedlock.

OH. Sarah looked at her food feeling her face flush.

Mentally smiling, though his physical expression did not change, he spoke, You had not known until now; no reason to be embarrassed about it. Swallowing his last bite of food, Jason stood. Sarah looked up and saw his face had gone into Scout Sergeant mode.

The group before him slowly became silent. Jason spoke orders to each of the scouts, sending them to organize patrols, clear paths, check on the wounded and learn to ski.

“What about me, Sergeant, do I have any orders?” Sarah asked as the rest of them began to drift off.

Jason’s eyes twinkled. “Have Mistress Laura check your wounds, rest and,” a smiled played at his lips, “and take a bath...”

“A bath?” Sarah perked up immediately. “Can I really? With hot water?”

“Yes, you really can.” He chuckled. “And you may do that first though you’ll want to go back to our tirug to get your clothing.”

“So where do I find the bath?”

“Opposite side of the town from here. They’ll probably be a bunch of Skathains standing around. They seem to like clean as much as you do.”

Schooling his face once more, Jason picked up their plates and took to the cleaning station. Carefully using her crutch Sarah made her way back to their hut. Picking up her pack, she rummaged through it for her spare clothing. It was a shame that all of Allmarah’s sewing had gone to waste, but given everything, Sarah was thankful that she’d come out alive. At least Sarah presumed the rescue was successful.

Clean clothing bundled and used as a pad between arm and crutch, Sarah set out in search of the bathing tirug. It wasn’t all that hard to find. As Jason said it was on the opposite side and Sarah could see the crowd gathered outside. Finding the grouping of women gathered around a hut, Sarah set herself to wait.

As she waited, Sarah noticed another group looking curiously about her. She recognized Mistress Laura first and called out her name and wave. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, she thought.

Laura turned to address her companions and Sarah saw that it was the Princess and her maids, as well as Lady Miriam. Their arrival doubled the group outside.

“Is this where we bathe?” Princess Allmarah asked.

“I presume so,” Sarah stated, “at least I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the sounds of bathing coming from inside. Your highness,” she amended.

“Well I hope we can brew some tea in there too,” Mistress Laura sighed and Sarah knew she want to give Lady Miriam a cammy tea bath.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Lady Miriam muttered.

Sarah took her arm and patted it. “I understand,” she whispered.

The End

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