Chester’s Last StandMature

Sarah’s group quickly joined the others in the grassy area behind the Great Hall. They huddled under a broken and burnt Willow tree. Thankfully the other woman had thought to grab extra blankets, for Sarah hadn't. The woman and Harriet organized the girls to make the best use of the available blankets.

“Any sign of the boat?” Sarah asked as she stepped up to the wall where the man and boy stood.

“Not yet,” the man answered, “hard to see through the fog and hear over the wind.”

The wind was fierce as it whipped the lake into motion, sending cold spray up the walls. For a moment they stood in silence.

“Are you sure the boat will be able to make it though this weather?” The boy peered out worriedly.

Yeah, Sarah sent her thought out to Jason, how are you making it through this weather?

There was a slight pause and a chuckle. Weathermage Lynn is keeping us in a pocket of calm. You should see us very soon.

“They have a weathermage,” Sarah stated, hoping they’d understand that more than she did.

The man nodded and the boy made a little ‘oh’ face, his eyes wide. Together they watched as the mist began to clear, though the light had begun to fade. Still it wasn’t too long before they saw a boat and heard the chant that coordinated the rowing.

You brought vikings! Sarah chuckled, for the image before her looked as if a viking ship was indeed coming for them. I’m just glad I know you’re the rescue party, not here to sack and burn the village.


A shout from behind her made Sarah spin around. Sharon stood with her back to the other door. She was clearly holding it shut and Sarah quickly came to her aid.

“Chester’s back,” the woman told her. “He’s got at least three men with him.”

“We’ve got company!” Sarah called out to the man and boy she’d been standing with. They quickly turned and ran towards her. “Bar and guard the other door.”

“Done,” the man nodded as he and his son quickly crossed the space.

Glancing back Sarah could make out the people on the boat. “We’ll let them out. Phoenix won’t be much longer.” You are going to being able to help soon right?

Push them into the water if you can. We are nearly there.

Sarah and Sharon stepped back and they both grinned as the lack of resistance threw the man back into Chester.

“Kill those under the Willow first!” Chester commanded, “I’ll get the warrior woman.”

“Over my dead body,” Sharon snarled as she drew her sword and leapt at the man with Chester.


Sarah wasn't sure if she said it or if Jason's voice had carried that far. She had no time to figure that out for Chester had begun to circle her. 

“No sword?” He mocked as he lunged in to attack.

Sarah ducked and swiped at his legs. She winced slightly as pain shot up the wounded one.

“How’s the leg bitch?” Chester snickered as her dagger barely blocked his next move. “Gods’ Nectar worn off? You shouldn’t have wasted it on me.”

“I thought I put it to good use.” Sarah countered, trying desperately to grapple him. “At least you weren’t annoying me.” Her leg buckled but she managed to use the motion to roll away from his sword.

JAY! she cried, realizing that she might not be able to get up.

Stay low!

Doing just that, Sarah rolled away from Chester’s sword again. Using her good leg, she managed a good kick to his midriff. Chester stumbled back and Sarah struggled to get to a defensive position.

“I’m going to enjoy mutilating your body,” Chester hissed.

Sarah felt her throat constrict, keeping her from responding. With a last ditch effort she used both legs to flip him over herself. Her body screamed in pain as the sword went into her shoulder before Chester’s body weight pulled it out. Still she rolled, trying to gain footing, but all she managed to do was collapse face down on the ground.


Looking up she saw Jason and Mathew leap to the wall. Her eyes flicked to Chester, who was oblivious to the boat of armed Vikings behind him.

“Time to die,” he laughed.

But his sword never made its downward thrust. Like deja vous, Sarah watched as Jason’s sword ran Chester though. Retracting his sword with a flick, Jason cast Chest's body aside.

“Sarah?” He knelt before her.

Propping herself up with her good arm, Sarah smiled. “So nice of you to join us, I don’t suppose those Vikings are the Skathains you told me about?”

He smiled and kissed her forehead. “Do not die before Mistress Laura has a chance to heal you.”

He was off and Sarah managed to watch him dispatch the man who was fighting Sharon before the pain made her black out.

The End

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