Orders and Hope (Part 2)Mature

As her wound was tended, Sarah watched the others join them from the bake house attic. The two girls and the boy slid down the ladder like sailors at sea. Katherine came down more slowly, her infant swaddled against her chest.

“Are we being rescued now?” one of the girls asked.

“At dusk.” Sarah nodded.

“But is HE dead?” the boy spat the man’s name.

“If he isn’t yet, he will be soon,” Sarah assured him.

“How can you be sure?” the second girl demanded.

“Well for one he was stabbed by York, and...”

“York?” Tralee looked up from helping Harriet. “But I thought... Chester said...”

“Chop ti sco nan sus nock,” Lady Miriam patted Tralee’s arm kindly, but only received a puzzled stare.

Before anyone could ask any more questions, Sarah decided to tell them what had happened. No sooner had she finished than there was a knock upon the door. Everyone stiffened, especially Katherine.

“Lady fair with the long green hair and eyes that sparkle in the sun,” a voice spoke from the other side of the door.


Tralee flew to the door and had it open before anyone could stop her. Grinning, the Nigiri embraced her as he moved inside and bolted the door.

“Fine time to show up York,” Harriet stated as she stood, interrupting him as he was about to kiss his Lady fair.

“Yes, yes,” York sighed as he let Tralee go. “I really am not supposed to tarry anyway. I have but a few hours left to use my brother’s body and still much to do.” He looked to Katherine. “Sharon mentioned you were making the antidote to the chaos outside?”

“We are.” Katherine nodded before looking to Tralee. “Is it done?”

Tralee started and hurried over to where she’d been cooking earlier. She gave the concoction a quick stir and tasted it. Her face puckered.

“It’s done, but not very good tasting.”

“Not to worry,” York rubbed his hands together. He pulled some wine skins out. “We need to fill these.”

“Harriet, why don’t you help me?” Sarah started to stand, but Harriet kept her down. 

“Tralee and York can do it.”

Sarah looked to the two of them. Even in the flickering torch light she could see there were tears on Tralee’s face.

“I think we should do it and let them have a proper goodbye.” Everyone turned to her frowning. “Come on, he’s dead for heaven’s sake; given a chance at life to fix something before he goes back to... well where ever it is you believe dead people go. Not like we all don’t wish we had a second chance at saying good-bye to someone.”

Suddenly everyone but, her, York and Tralee were working on filling the wine skins. Sarah raised her eyebrows at the success of her statement. York smiled.

“I thank you, Lady Phoenix,” he flourished a bow.

Sarah waved him off before he said more. “Just take her upstairs and have your goodbyes.”

The End

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