Orders and Hope (Part 1)Mature

Sarah, Jason’s mental voice broke into Sarah’s thoughts. I need you to gather those you wish to save and bring them out back. The boat should arrive by dusk.

I thought it was going to be dawn? She was puzzled by his change of plans.

We adapted to the situation, was all the explanation she got. Tell James I’d like the draw bridge lowered by dusk as well.

“Major James!” They were accosted before Sarah could relay her message. The man looked a bit wide eyed and out of breath. “The Barbarians are attacking the walls!”

“Well are you fighting back?” James asked.

“We can’t, Major. They are too far away and a fog’s rolling in.”

“Don’t you have any trebuchets?” Sarah sneered, only gaining a glare from James.

“Are any of the walls close to falling down?”

“No sir.” The man shook his head at James.

“Has anything been set on fire?”

“No sir.” He shook his head again. “It’s still too damp.”

“Then there’s nothing we can do.” James pivoted to Sarah. “I’m going to go assess the situation. You gather the servants and make sure they are either ready to fight or stay out of our way.”

“I thought...” The man before them looked confused.

“She’s been converted,” James huffed. “Come on.”

“Pity,” a voice grumbled behind her and she looked back to York.

He grinned and winked before disappearing down the hall. Lady Miriam giggled.

Right, Sarah thought as she entered the kitchen. The women were cowering under the table, for no apparent reason, at least not that Sarah could immediately see. Bending down she peered amongst them but neither Tralee nor Harriet were there. As she made to leave one woman grabbed her arm.

“They’re coming for us!” Her frightened eyes locked onto Sarah’s.. “We’re all going to die!”

Lady Miriam crouched down and looked into the woman’s face. “Sus nock moke. Sus tap, Chop ti rap.”

Bursting into tears the woman let Sarah go and hunkered down further. Standing Lady Miriam grinned and pulled Sarah out the door.

“I have no clue what you said,” Sarah told her as she reluctantly followed, “but you shouldn’t have made her cry.”

Lady Miriam shrugged and she knocked upon the Bake house door. There was no response. She knocked louder, but there was still no answer. Sarah thought she heard the muffled cry of an infant. Stepping up she tried knocking out ‘shave and a hair cut’. She waited a few moments before knocking it again. Sarah was about to try a third time when she heard the sound of a bolt being moved.

Harriet poked her head out. “Thank the Gods!” She let the two women in. “I went to serve supper to you and found the place in shambles, with blood on the floor.”

“You’re hurt!” Tralee cried from the corner where she was cooking something.

Sarah looked down at the gash on her leg and felt herself go faint. She’d completely forgotten about that. Harriet immediately found two chairs for her. Sitting on one and placing the leg on the other Sarah leaned back to let the women tend her wound.

The End

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