Turning the TablesMature

Treat it like a sparring session, Jason’s voice sounded in Sarah’s head.

James advanced upon her. “You shouldn’t struggle,” he stated.

“Why?” Sarah asked. “Is resistance futile?”

“You’ll be taken eventually.” James drew his sword. “Better to go willingly than bleeding profusely.”

“Fat chance!” Sarah snarled as she ducked James’s first swing.

Drawing her knife, Sarah felt herself mentally shift. This was not just a fight for her survival, but for all the others who did not deserve to molested at the hands of Wholawski and his men.

Sarah ducked and dodged James’s sword as he stayed out of reach. Her eyes continually flicked over to where the two men watched the fight. It was obvious that Chester was itching to join in. Yet for whatever reason, Wholwaski kept him back. Distracted by trying to guess Wholawski’s reasoning, Sarah lost her knife parrying James’s sword.

“Shit,” she hissed.

Turning her attention fully on James, she focused on taking him down. One at a time like a boss fight, right?

“Now,” Wholawski’s voice was the only warning Sarah got before Chester was upon her.

Sarah felt that a weird constriction about her throat and her voice would not work. Why wouldn’t James turn and fight with her damn it!

Jason! her mind cried as Chester wrenched her hands behind her back and James’s sword tip touched her throat.

We are coming as fast as we can.

Wholawski clapped as he had when Sarah had defeated Major Chantey. Quivering she gave token struggles, hoping perhaps to fake them all. Maybe she’d get another chance to break away.

“What amazing skill you have,” he said as James stepped aside. The General pulled out his dagger and caressed Sarah’s cheeks with it. “Pity I’ll have to keep you in chains. Not that there really is anywhere to run to. Still there is one way to get you into the Dungeon without much struggle.”

He drew back his dagger and shifted it in his hands. Anticipating his next action, Sarah ducked as the pommel came towards her. The unexpected reaction gave her an element of surprise on Chester and she broke free. Then, since he was the closest thing of heft near her, Sarah flipped him into the General.

“Bitch!” Chester was up in seconds as Sarah bolted for the door.

His hand grabbed her leg and she screamed as his dagger ripped into her calf. Struggling to fight pain and kick the Nigiri off, she grabbed the vial from between her breasts. There was no time to think of how she’d regret not being able to feel pain when the drug wore off. Barely one drop made it to her mouth before Chester snatched it.

“What’s this?” His knee pressed upon her back. “Gods’ Nectar?” There was a note of hysteria in his voice and he leaned forward pressing her into the floor. “What the hell are you doing with Gods’ Nectar?”

“Making you drink it!”

Without knowing how, Sarah flipped Chester off on to the floor by the bed.

“James, get in there!” Wholawski growled.

But James didn’t grab her until after she managed to force the silvery liquid down Chester’s throat. The Nigiri’s body shuddered as James pulled her off and went still.

“What have you done?” The anger in Wholawski’s voice was unmistakable. “I will do more than keep you in chains.”

He advanced upon her and Sarah felt James’s grip slacken as he stepped aside. She stepped towards the door.

“There’s nowhere to run to,” the General chuckled. “Oh no, you will be kept here until you bear me an heir.”

“Won’t happen,” Sarah told him, her voice gone steely. Come on James. Help me out here, she thought, You could at least take out Chester now that he’s unconscious.

“Oh?” Wholawski clearly didn’t believe her. “I’m quite fertile, wouldn’t you say Sharon?”

Sarah’s eyes flicked to the door where the woman stood, rage upon her face and dagger in hand.

“Doesn’t matter,” Sarah edged herself to the door, praying that Sharon’s rage was for Wholawski.

“And why not?” the General’s eyes bore into hers.

Sarah straightened and exposed her midriff. “You see this scar here?” She smiled. “That’s where they cut into me to take out my womb. I can’t bear children, not even for Phoenix.”

In the stunned silence two things happened. Sharon laughed and Chester sprung to action.

“Life is a bitch is it not Jackubas Wholawski?” the Nigiri chuckled as he stabbed the man and slammed him to the floor.

The End

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