Waiting (Part 2)Mature

“Hello.” Sarah recognized him as one of the men who had been with James. He looked a bit worse for the wear. “I’m guessing you’re here to keep us inside?”

The man looked up and down the hall and then looked back at her. “I doubt I could do that.”

Sarah cocked her head. Was the guy actually afraid of her? Well that was a new one, given that she wasn’t fighting him. Taking the bar that was sitting against the wall, Sarah smiled, waved and went back inside. Strangely the wall was already set up to have the door barred from the inside.

“Well that’s easier. Still...” Sarah wrinkled her nose and leaned against the door.

She was in the middle of thinking when ‘shave and a hair cut’ tickled her head. Sarah unbolted the door and peeked out. It was Harriet, who held a tray of food.

“Sharon said you’re not to eat, but I doubt this was all meant for him,” she indicated the guard who was already eating.

The platter was overflowing with food. As Sarah helped Harriet distribute the food, she found two things; a note from James and an empty vial, marked with an X.

Hey Jay? Sarah sent off her query, only to receive no response. She thought for a moment while eating, then tried again. Sergeant Phoenix I have information for you from James.

In a moment Scout Smith, was the response.

Sarah sighed and continued eating. Jason was definitely in Scout Sergeant mode. Well it probably wasn’t surprising given the information she’d told him earlier. Still it was annoying to have him go from giving loving greetings at dawn and dusk to brusque cut offs and orders. Tapping her foot Sarah tried her best to not feel impatient.

“Let Sharon know,” Sarah told Harriet as she collected the tray, “that it was very nice of her not to feed us.”

Harriet nodded with a slightly puzzled look and left. Sarah stood by the door and her eyes flicked to the guard. He really did look scared of her.

“You’re with James, right?” She asked him.

“Major James is my commander, yes...” he seemed uncertain of what to tell her.

“Then don’t look so scared.” Sarah punched his shoulder very lightly. “We’re probably on the same team.” She went back inside and bolted the door. Sighing she picked up James’s note and glanced at it.

What is the information James is giving, Scout Smith? Jason’s mental voice made Sarah start slightly.

Well first, Sarah decided not to read the note word for word, he apologized because he hadn’t known the Colonels were summoned. He’s also ensured that the back wall will be loosely guarded with supporters, though Wholawski’s room looks over the lake like mine.

Good, Jason mentally nodded.

Oh, and that drug you gave me when I went to Whoalwski’s camp, does that always come in the same vial? Marked the same way?

Yes, why? He was now puzzled.

Because Ryan, Sarah stated, gave Sharon three vials of the stuff, and I’m guessing she used the first vial for today’s lunch, or supper, or whatever you call it.

There was a long pause and Sarah thought Jason had left, until his voice spoke softly. That shall make things interesting. I hope she has the antidote as well.

She had the vial for it. Sarah told him.

Let’s hope she uses it properly. She felt him smile slightly.  You may let the Princess know that her knights may not be in shining armor, nor do they have horses to ride, but there will be a boat to collect her and the others by dawn tomorrow.

The End

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