Waiting (Part 1)Mature

Princess Allmarah wrung her hands as Sarah related to her what had transpired. In turn, the Princess indicated the washed and dressed Lady Miriam.

“She trembled fought and screamed the whole time,” the Princess sighed.

For a moment, both women looked over to where Lady Miriam had curled up and was rocking herself. Sarah understood why Sharon had indicated the woman couldn’t be saved.

“Well, time to see if any of my training can be of use.” Sarah stood and moved over to the girl. “Miriam?”

The young woman shied at her touch, but when she saw who it was she relaxed a little. Well at least she seems to trust me, Sarah thought as she knelt beside the woman. She talked to Miriam in soft tones, trying to open the girl up until Jason’s shout broke her attention.

SARAH! Would you please put on more Willow cloth so we can communicate properly, he huffed.

Sarah stroked Lady Miriam’s hand and whispered, “I’ll be back,” before heading over to the Princess. “Is one of the pants with Willow cloth ready?”

“This one I think. Do the anklets not work?”

“Not well enough apparently,” Sarah sighed. Better? she asked after changing.

Yes, Jason responded. Now, how is the General taking the siege?

Annoyed but confidant he’ll crush it from both sides when his first Colonel gets here, Sarah informed him.

And James has returned?

Yes, and do I get to know what the message was that you sent him back with?

Later, Jason told her testily, if there is any way you can gather all the ones who are to be rescued in that room do so. He cut the connection off before Sarah could respond.

“Do we have orders?”

Sarah looked to Allmarah. “Gather those worth saving into this room, though I’m not sure how that’s going to be possible. I’m surprised Wholawski hasn’t tried to barge in yet...”

Sarah let her voice trailed off as she and Allmarah locked eyes. She could tell that Allmarah had reached the same conclusion she had. Wholawski wasn’t bothering because he knew she’d no place to go. Suddenly her piling of furniture at the door seemed silly. For all she knew, he would have someone up to guard the door and bolt them back in again.

“Damn...” Furrowing her eyebrows Sarah stared at the mess.

Somehow, she needed to get out of the room and talk with Sharon without being caught. Then they would need to move all the girls to this room, without that being discovered. It seemed like a hopeless mess and Sarah sat down with a thud. She buried her head in her hands and tried to think.

Standing Sarah quickly went to the door. The last thing she wanted was to be barred back into this room. Not that they didn’t have the exit to the outside, but she didn’t want to use that unless she had to. As she opened the door she startled the guard who sat there.

The End

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