Found Out (Part 2)Mature

Sarah could see men and women in armor lounging at the pikes. The fortress was indeed under siege. The warriors looked to each other and Sarah guessed they were talking amongst themselves. Shouts in a language she’d never heard before echoed back with laughter.

“Idiots,” Wholawski growled., “can’t speak in an understandable language.” He took Sarah’s arm again and led her back down. “No matter we’ll crush them from both sides soon enough.”

“How?” The words were out before Sarah could think.

“Simple,” Wholawski smiled as they returned to lower floor where James and his companions were being tended. “I have already summoned my Colonels to a meeting here. The first one should be arriving within a week.” He turned to face her as Sarah tried desperately not to react. “You look a little pale Goodwoman. Didn’t expect to hear such news?”

Gloating, Wholawski took Sarah’s hands in his own. Her eyes darted about the room, noting the door was open and Chester was smirking. James looked impassive, so she returned her focus to Wholawski. He chuckled.

“Phoenix is dead, but you’ve come in his stead haven’t you?”

Sarah jerked her hands, but Wholawski gripped them tighter.

“Don’t worry,” he grinned. “I have no intention of killing you.”

Controlling the anger that was rising inside her was impossible. All she could do was return his stare.

“You will bare me an heir,” his breath was hot on her face, “and you will raise him for me and all will know I took Phoenix’s fiancé for my own.”

The moment Wholawski’s lips touched hers, Sarah’s knee swung back and up with all the force she could muster.

“NEVER!” she cried as Wholawski doubled over in pain.

Released from his grip she fled out the door, expecting to be tackled or wounded at any moment.

Shit, she flew by the garden to the kitchen door. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, the swear repeated in her head as she nearly knocked over Sharon on her way to the stairs. Sarah didn’t stop but kept right on going until she reached the Princess’s room. There she barely managed to remember to knock the code.

A constant eye upon the hall behind, Sarah waited for what felt like forever. Finally, she heard the scraping and Princess Allmarah opened the door. Darting in Sarah closed it quickly and then helped pull the couch back in front of the door. Then she moved the two chairs and table as well.

Jay, Sarah ignored the concerned looks from Allmarah and Miriam. Jay? She scrabbled for Willow cloth. Jay?

What is it? What is wrong? His voice flooded over like a tide of warm water.

Wholawski knows, she stated. He still thinks you’re dead, but he knows I’m here to rescue the Princess, Sarah sobbed.

Where are you? Jason asked, his voice taking on a Sergeant’s tone.

Barricaded in the Princess’s room, but that’s not the worst of what I have to tell you. Sarah took a gulp of air. Wholawski’s Colonels are on their way up and he expects the first one to arrive within a week.

The End

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