Found Out (Part 1)Mature

The bath for Lady Miriam arrived with Chester. The girl shrieked and shrank back in fear.

“What’s she doing here?” Chester sneered.

“Being put to use,” Sarah replied as she placed herself between Miriam and the Nigiri. “And if you so much as touch a hair on her head, you’re dead.”

Chester snorted. “I’d like to see you try.”

“Still miffed about being beaten by a girl in the woods?” Sarah stepped towards him.

“You didn’t beat me.” he retorted, though he did step back.

“I didn’t die either,” she replied with a smile. Stepping towards him once more she took their conversation to the hall. “Wholawski gave me the use of a dagger, and set me in Sharon’s place, or had you not heard of that promotion?”

Though, Sarah hated the promotion along with what Wholawski wanted to do with her, she was going to use every bit of the power that she could.

“Well then you better get to the gatehouse where Wholawski waits for you to appear.” Chester turned and walked away.

Sarah glanced back into the room where Lady Miriam looked deathly pale. She looked to the Princess who nodded ever so slightly. Sarah closed the door and ignored Miriam’s cry of surprise. The sound of scraping quickly muffled it and Sarah strode after Chester.

Down and out of the inner keep she went and across the courtyard to the gatehouse. The door to the left side was open and Wholawski’s voice bubbled out.

“What do you mean you couldn’t understand a word?”

Sarah stopped in the doorway, though Chester had slipped inside. James and three, disheveled and wounded men sat before the General’s glare. She knocked. Wholawski spun to face her, first with a scowl and then with a smile.

“Let us see if you can make any sense of this,” he spoke sweetly. “James, tell her the message.”

James looked at Sarah and stated, “Ir narnavae khail dragha vaiir, aba.”

Sarah blinked. Jay, I hope you don’t expect me to translate that.

There was no response.

“Well?” Wholawski demanded.

“It’s Greek to me,” Sarah shrugged only to have Wholawski glare at her. She heaved an annoyed sigh. “No, I have no idea what it says.”

“None?” Wholawski peered into her eyes.

“None.” Sarah stared back, hands crossed over her chest.


Wholawski grabbed her arm and led her up the stairs, past the giant wheel for raising and lowering the drawbridge. He just about dragged Sarah out onto the parapet, he was walking so fast. He threw her before him, like a human shield.

“Is this who you want? Is this who you are looking for?” Wholawski bellowed, nearly deafening Sarah.

The End

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