Rescuing Lady Miriam (Part 1)Mature

Sarah opened the door to the cellblock she’d been housed in with as much confidence as she could muster. After all Wholawski had sent her down here and there was no one to disprove what she said wasn’t his orders. A small smile crept onto her face as she entered the bock of cells. Rescuing Lady Miriam might not be as hard as she thought.

But first, Sarah had mercy to give, if needed. Hardening her heart as best she could, she moved through the small passage between cells into the torture chamber. Repressing a shudder, she went to where a body lay crumpled on the floor. One leg spayed out at an unnatural angle as did one arm. The other arm lay beneath the body. Gingerly Sarah knelt next to the body and felt for a pulse. There was none.

Sighing in relief Sarah closed the young man’s eyes. “Gods rest your soul,” she whispered.

“What are you doing?” a voice growled form the double door. Sarah looked up to see they were open and the Jailer was standing there.

“Came down to check on the body,” Sarah stood, swallowing her fear.

“You better not have given it mercy, or you’ll be on the wall.” The big man moved forward and Sarah could see scabs where Wholawski had cut him yesterday.

Holding up her hands, she indicated she was unarmed. “No need, he’s already dead. General wants you to add him to the Wall.”

“Pity he’s dead,” the man grumbled as Sarah began to walk away.

“They can’t all be lucky,” she stated sarcastically, her stomach churning as she stepped back through the open side door.

Closing it, Sarah took a short breather. Now all she had to do was get Lady Miriam out of her cell and up to where the Princess was. She moved to the back corner cell where the woman had been interred. Through the small barred window she saw the form. Curled into the ball Lady Miriam rocked herself on the bed, her clothing tattered and blood stained. Thanking the Gods that the door was only barred and not locked, Sarah opened it.

No sooner had Lady Miriam heard the sound then she scuttled to the corner and began whimpering.

“No, Gods please, no more, no more.”

“Shhh,” Sarah stepped inside, “I’m not here to hurt you.”

The woman looked up at her. “Y, y, you're female?”

Sarah smiled. “I am, and you’re to come with me and help Princess Allmarah turn skirts into pants for me.”

“P, P, pants?”

“Yes pants.” Sarah did a roundhouse kick to show the split in her skirt.

“You are Arenian?” The young woman’s eyes widened.

“Something like that.” Sarah smiled. “Now are you coming?”

She held out a hand and Lady Miriam timidly took it. Sarah closed the cell door once they were out. As she slid the bar back into place she felt the woman press into her back. Turning Sarah saw the Jailer watching them. Don’t run, she told herself as her eyes met his.

“What are you doing?” he spoke, arms crossed against his chest.

The End

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