A Second Attempt at ConversationMature

By mid afternoon Sarah was utterly bored. The Princess and her women remained behind their curtain. Sarah paced in the chilly anti-chamber. If I could really call it that, she thought, when only a curtain divides the room. She gazed continually outside of the windows and watched the clouds. Jason’s presence seemed far away and she suspected he was sleeping.

Good Night my Love, his voice finally came through just after Sharon had delivered dinner.

Jay! Sarah flopped down upon the couch that had become her bed and leaned back to talk to him.

Good news? Jason asked to her enthusiastic statement.

I wish. The Princess refuses to believe I am who I say I am and, Sarah complained, she even had the audacity to say I’d killed my betrothed because I preferred Wholawski’s company.

I am still very much alive. Jason chuckled.

It’s not funny Jay. Sarah sighed. I was informed that he lets the Princess make friends with the girls he throws in here and then forces them to listen while he forces those women. So apparently she doesn’t want to make friends with anyone since Lady Miriam...

Lady Miriam? Jason interrupted. Is she there and have you seen her?

I don’t know, but if I haven’t lost track of days, there was a girl brought down to the dungeon while I was there, she seemed to be drugged on something. Sarah held an image of the singing girl in her mind, hoping Jay could see it.

It may be her it may not, Jason sighed, Lord Farquad will not like that sort of response. He doesn’t want to strike unless he knows for sure his daughter has been harmed.

“Wait,” Sarah whispered, catching the young maid as she came to fetch the Princess’s dinner.

The maid looked at her scared. Feeling the girl tremble, Sarah loosened her grip.

“I mean you no harm, but I spoke the truth when I said I am here to help rescue you.”

“I am not to listen,” the maid replied as she pulled herself from Sarah’s grasp.

Turning, the young woman went back through the curtain. Sarah followed her.

“Forgive my intrusion, Your Highness,” Sarah once more bowed to the Princess, who sat prim and proper. “But, the Lady Miriam, who was here before me, you are sure she was forced.”

“I know not what else would make a woman scream so.” The Princess pursed her lips, clearly not liking the subject.

Sarah didn’t blame her. “Her father, Lord Farquad, is outside of these walls assisting Phoenix now, but he is requesting proof of his daughter’s harm.”

“No woman in here goes unharmed for long.”

“Then you too have been forced?” Sarah asked as her heart fell.

“He would not dare,” she said again and turned her head from Sarah, ending their discussion.

Jay, can’t Theo give me a tidbit of information I can share to make her believe?

Prince Theodoso, Jason emphasized the name, is sulking and cannot be bothered to help, bitterness crept into his voice, anyone.

Pushing through the curtains, she returned to her couch with a sigh. I hope you get that siege up soon, Jay, because I’m itching to get out.

Soon, my Love, soon, Jason’s voice soothed her. Just remember that the Princess’s safety is of utmost importance.

Don’t worry, Sarah smiled a grim smile, I’ll die to protect her, I’d just rather you got us out of here before it comes to that.

The End

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