For Better or Worse (Part 1)Mature

Sarah. Sarah. Her name echoed in her mind. Sarah!

“What?” Sarah sat bolt upright and looked around the room.

Sarah? The voice was clearly Jason’s.

Oh it’s you, Sarah sighed and swung her legs to the floor.

Oh it’s me? Jay asked sounding exhausted and worried. That is all you have to say when I have not heard properly from you in the last three days?

Days? Sarah looked about her again. She wasn’t in her normal room. Furrowing her brows Sarah tried to remember what she could.

Sarah, there was clear worry in his voice, what is going on?

Well... Sarah rose and quietly peaked behind the curtain. A figure lay on the bed and two others slept on the floor. Sighing, she and returned to the couch.

Well, are you going to explain anything? He had become annoyed.

Let me gather my thoughts will you? she cried in irritation. I’ve been out of sorts since that whole herbing expedition. Sarah settled herself back onto the couch wishing she had a blanket.

What, Jason asked evenly, exactly, do you mean by out of sorts?

Unconscious, Sarah replied, rubbing her temples as memories came back. Jason remained silent, so she continued. So, last you knew I went out herbing with Senior Captain Chester. I remember he decided to try something, threatening to draw blood with his weapon.

I remember that, but shortly thereafter, I lost touch with you.

I lost touch with myself, Sarah sighed. I remember shouting at him, but... Sarah shook her head, confused. After that, I remember nothing, until I woke up in the fortress. Next thing I knew I was puking. She sighed again. I suspect Chester decided to make good his threat.

Senior Captain Chester being the second Nigiri?

Yes, Sarah sighed, living twin of the first. How many times have they pricked me for God’s sake? It’s gotten more annoying than those divine headaches I had.

There was a slight smile in Jason’s response. So you are still stuck in the Kitchen?

No, actually they moved me up to the second floor to the Princess’s room.

Suddenly Jay flooded her with questions about the state of the Princess.

Jay! Sarah stopped his barrage mid sentence. I haven’t even been able to introduce myself. In fact, after Chester dropped me off unceremoniously, I passed out on her bed; right after I figured out who she was. Sarah suppressed a smile. She frowns like Theo. Anyway, she continued before Jason could interject, they managed to move me to a couch so she could have the bed.

We will be ready to set up a real siege up soon, Jason informed her.

You have enough people? Sarah asked. The kitchen maids had been complaining that the village must be deserted, as there were no more supply wagons coming in.

Yes. Jason’s delight in this fact was apparent. Not only do we have Lord Farquad and his supporters behind Prince Hermanus, there is a contingent of men and women sent by the Gods from an unknown land.

No kidding? Sarah was surprised.

Not at all, they are from a place called Skatha. Alithane Gwythryn and his sister Alithana Alara said they were sent by their father, Thane Illirion as an act of allegiance with Vervell. And Sarah; they have archers. Good ones! She could practically see him grinning and grinned herself.

Something broke his thoughts from her and Sarah noticed the room had gotten lighter since she woke. Below, Sharon’s voice sounded as the kitchen came to life. Yawning, Sarah stretched as it dawned on her that she had no rope tied between her feet and hands. She moved to the locked door and she banged on it.

 “What’s a woman got to do to be escorted to the privy?” she called, maliciously hoping Chester was on guard.

“I’d tell you but I don’t feel like killing you again,” Chester’s irritated voice came through the door. “Use the chamber pot like the other Ladies.”

Yuck, Sarah thought and went in search of the chamber pot. Opening the curtain, she saw one of the girls tending the fire. “Ah, hello there,” Sarah smiled as the girl turned to face her, “don’t mean to disturb you, but is there a chamber pot I could use?”

The girl pointed and Sarah saw the basin, it was nearly full. Sighing she took it back through the curtain used it before carefully bringing it to the door, her nose wrinkling at the smell.

The End

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