The Passage of TimeMature

For two days Sarah wasn’t brought any food. Sometime around midday of that second day, the drugged girl had become quiet. She’d been singing odd tunes that had seemed so familiar, but Sarah hadn’t been able to place them. Curling into a ball, Sarah let herself drift in and out of sleep. The flickering flames danced as if they were telling her something. Even the moaning and occasional scream from the other prisoners held a message.

Yeah, she laughed to herself and she blinked her eyes and shook her head, they're telling me to get out of here before I go crazy.

You can get through this. Jason’s voice wafted over her like hot chocolate. He will not let you die. Not until he has had a chance to talk to you. Keep faith.

How did you do it? Sarah asked. You were here before and got out. How’d you survive?

You must think of that which is dearest to your heart and hold it before your eyes until it is all that you can see, he told her.

Griffon said that you told him there was a girl you wanted to see again. Sarah shivered. Did get to see her again?

Yes. Jason sent her warming and caressing thoughts. And I intend to see her again and marry her so I can show her exactly how much she means to me.

Sarah closed her eyes as they filled with tears. Oh go away, you sappy lout, she teased

Jason chuckled. I love you, Sarah.

I love you...

Sarah’s thoughts stopped as someone opened her cell door.

“Get up Witch.” She recognized Chester, who glared at her. “No more dungeon time for you. Apparently, you’re a deadly cook. But, I wouldn’t try anything. I’ll be watching you like a hawk.”

Sarah stood and moved towards him with more energy than she felt. “As we will you,” a voice not quite her own issued from her mouth before she fainted.

The End

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