A New ArrivalMature

Time had no meaning in Wholawski’s dungeon. Lit only by flickering torches, Sarah had no way to tell day from night.  She found herself counting anyway. Jason spoke to her twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. These she marked on the dirt in the floor. Nothing else changed. It was cold and it was damp.

A guard, and it was never the same one either, brought food to her at random intervals. Each one leering at her as she ate. Their horrible toothy grins sent shivers down Sarah’s spine. It was obvious that only Wholawski’s sentence of death kept them from pleasuring themselves.

Remember you can best any one of them, Jason’s soft reassurance gave her comfort. While you cannot yet escape, you can knock them out and lock them out of your cell.

And then he’d come back with his friends. Sarah handed her plate to the guard.

These men do not have friends. Jason informed her. One would tell on the other knowing they would be rewarded and the other punished.

A high-pitched laughter wafted down the hall and Sarah went to the bars. It was completely different from the moans and sobs of the other occupants. Startled she pulled back into the shadows. The assassin she’d tackled at the Trials was storming through dragging someone behind him.

“Chop ti sco tank nan pa coke tap,” the girl giggled as they passed Sarah cell.

Her humor was in complete contrast to the blood that saturated her tattered and torn clothing. As the girl’s eye’s met Sarah’s it became obvious she was drugged. She laughed and smiled at Sarah.

“Pa co tux na po ent moke.”

“Shut it,” the assassin ordered as he tossed her into the cell caddy corner form Sarah.

Sarah drew back into her cell as he turned around.

“Rap que pah han an sus nock!” the girl shouted at him before dissolving into laughter.

“Be glad you weren’t burnt like the last one,” he shouted at her. “Gods' Nectar,” the man muttered. “I swear if I see another bottle of the stuff I will hunt down that boy and kill him.”

Slamming the door the assassin left and Sarah looked to where the girl peered through her bars. The two stared at each other for a while.

Good night Sarah, Jason’s daily communication broke Sarah from her gaze.

Blinking she moved back to curl up on her bed. What is Gods nectar?

It is a powerful drug, made only by the Gods themselves and administered only by Pairents, to ease the pain of those who cannot be cured. There was a short pause. Why do you ask?

Well, Sarah began, that assassin just dragged a girl in here and indicated she’d had Gods’ Nectar. She looked drugged and was laughing and spouting nonsense.

There was a moment of silence before Jason responded. It is good that we know the assassin is there, one less thing to worry about.

Sarah was about to ask another question when the unmistakable voice of General Wholawski echoed through the walls.


Rising, Sarah pulled herself into the shadows by her door to listen. She heard Chester re-enter the cell block as the General appeared in the door opposite her cell..

“That girl is in a cell, Senior Captain Chester?” his tone demanded an answer.

“Rap que pah han an sus nock,” The girl responded, giggling.

Wholawski glared at her before turning back to the assassin. “Do you have any idea of what she is saying?” he growled.

“General,” Chester addressed him worriedly. “If I knew, you’d be the first I’d tell, but it’s nonsense to me. My brother was better...”

“Yes, well York is missing.”

“He’s not missing, General, he’s de...”


The force of Wholawski’s words pushed Chester backwards, as the man spun and left. Sarah felt something take hold of her body and she moved to where Chester's back was pressed against her door.

Moving forward she whispered into his ear, “I saw him die.”

Chester spun around to stare into Sarah’s cell. Trying to maintain a calm demeanor, she moved back to her bed and curled up to rest.

“You,” he spat. “I’ll be glad to watch when he takes you out to play.”

Chester spun around and left Sarah alone once more.

The End

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