The Wheels on the CartMature

The cart was pulled by one horse, which Sparrow drove, while Sarah and the rest sat in the back upon hay bales. Heading north out of the city the group ran into pouring rain and Sparrow had to call a halt. They made a very wet camp that night, though Sarah did manage to make some sort of stew.

The next day they headed off as soon as they could. Sparrow took turns driving with her Scouts; Ralph, David and Charles. Meanwhile, Sarah, James and Hermanus barely moved from their seats. Thankfully, that night they got to warm themselves at an Inn.

The next day dawned grey and dreary. To make matters worse it started to drizzle shortly after they left. Everyone in the back huddled together, trying to gain the most protection they could from each other.

“Couldn’t we have gotten something with a cover?” Prince Hermanus queried.

“Or something with a heater,” Sarah stated.

“Heater?” James looked at her curiously.

“You know, like a portable fireplace?” Sarah laughed at how ridiculous that idea sounded.

“Yeah but if we had a brazier and it tipped over...” Scout Randolph started.

“We’d all be dead,” Scout David finished.

“Or very badly hurt.” Sparrow spoke from the front. “Now quit your complaining, we’re only three days out.”

Silence settled over the group and Sparrow drove the cart until they could no longer see. Setting up camp was merely a formality, as they were all soaked. They felt water logged by the next morning.

“We’ll stop in town tonight,” Sparrow informed them.

They did indeed welcome the inn that night and they dried their clothing as best they could. But, morning dawned sooner than anyone wanted and they were up and traveling in the wet, again.

“Two days until the next town,” Sparrow stated as they headed off. “I don’t want to hear any complaining back there. If I do,” she spared a glance back with a half smile, “I might just skip the next town all together.”

Groans issued from her men and Sarah realized that Sparrow probably wasn't kidding.

“Why don’t we sing some songs,” she suggested.

“Like what?” Scout Charles asks.

Sarah thought for a moment then started in with a modified version of Wheels on the Bus.

“The wheels on the cart go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the cart go round and round, all along the road.”

She kept going despite the odd looks.

“The...” she drew out the word as she though up the next verse, “whip on the cart goes cer-ack, cer-ack, cer-ack. The whip on the cart goes cer-ack,” Sergeant Sparrow cracked the whip on the last one, and Sarah smiled, “as we move along.”

“The scouts on the cart say...” Sarah looked around at the men and grinned, “we are wet, we are wet,” Sparrow’s scouts joined in, “we are wet. The scouts on the cart say we are wet, as we move along.”

“The...” Sarah ginned at Hermanus who looked quite miserable, “Azureans on the cart say take us home, take us home, take us home. The Azureans on the cart say take us home,” Sparrow looked back with a frown, “as we move along.”

Sarah grinned at her. “The Sergeant on the cart says, keep it down, keep it down, keep it down, the sergeant on the cart says keep it down, as we move along.”

There were chuckles even from the front. “How about a good drinking song boys?” Sergeant Sparrow asked.

Her three men exchanged glances with each other then looked towards Sarah, Hermanus and James.

“Oh come on,” Sarah smiled, “I’m not some high lady to be offended, I just happen to know children’s songs. Though I might be able to remember some lyrics that would make the, awe never mind. Let’s hear it.”

And so they launched into a song that sounded an aweful lot like What Do you Do with a Drunken Sailor, only they sang, "What do you do with a drunken Scout..."

The End

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