On The Road at Last (Part 2)Mature

While Sarah was going to Lady Abigail’s house, she wasn’t going to be staying there. It was just a ruse, like going to the castle kitchen to teach her cooking. Her scout clothing was waiting in Jason’s room. Taking a deep breath Sarah knocked upon the Borguez city house door.

“Come in,” Hickory held the door for her and closed it behind her.

Sarah turned to head up the stairs when a voice stopped her.

“You are really going through with this?” Lord Robert asked from the parlor door.

“Yes.” Sarah faced him.

“Why?” Lord Robert wanted to know. “This is not your country. Demetrioso is not your king and, as far as I have heard, you have not sworn fealty to anyone.”

“The Gods know what they are doing, my husband,” Lady Abigail stated from the stairwell, “let her be.”

Lord Robert’s frown deepened. “There is more to life than the Gods my wife,” he stated.

“Come child let us get you ready,” Lady Abigail began to ascend the stairs.

“He is right,” Sarah stated as she looked Lord Robert in the eyes. “There was a heck of a lot more to life than God where I’m from.” She gave an apologetic glance back to Lady Abigail. “So you want to know why?”

“I would be interested in knowing, yes.” Lord Robert looked amused.

“Because war hurts everyone involved.  And,” Sarah sighed, “it’s quite clear that Vervell is in the right and General Wholawski, in the wrong.”

“Quite clear?” Lord Robert asked.

“Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one of his ‘military’ camps, My Lord, but the stench of death hangs about them. The last time I saw where Wholawski had camped, there was the body of a young girl, battered and burnt next to a Willow tree that’d been hacked to pieces.”

“And you are sure he was aware of what happened in his camp?”

“Ever smell a burning body before, My Lord?” Sarah asked. “It’s not something that can be ignored.”

Turning she moved past Lady Abigail and climbed the steps to Jason’s room. Lady Abigail soon joined her and helped her once more to become male. Only this time, Sarah’s shirts were made of willow cloth, a fabric normally reserved for Pairents.

Hey Jay, how’s the walking going? Sarah asked as she descended the stairs to the first floor, Lady Abigail in tow.

Do not worry, we will be there in our allotted twenty-three days, Gods willing, was his response. And Sarah?

Yes? She asked as she waved to Lord Robert and Sir Arthur.

Please call me Phoenix instead of Jay.

Do I have to? Sarah mentally pouted.

Considering we are to use our communication for the coordination of troop movement, he responded, yes.

Alright, Sergeant Phoenix, but don’t expect me to curb my attitude.

There was a slight laugh. No, I am hoping you keep it. There was a pause and Sarah thought he was done, but when he spoke again, his voice was softer and more emotional. Sarah, you have always been good at seeing the good and the humor in everything. Promise me you will keep that, no matter what happens.

Why? Sarah asked curiously, as she kissed Lady Abigail good bye. The woman could not have looked more worried.

Because we are up against the nastiest man I know. If I lose you, I do not know what I will do.

Sarah smiled slightly as she ran to catch up to the cart that carried Scout Troop Sparrow. Don’t worry I have no intention of dying, and I expect you to stay alive too. Sarah jumped on, helped by two of the men in back. After all, she grinned, shouldn’t our Tri-Luna done by the time we get home?

If all goes well. Jason’s mental voice lightened up. I know I am looking forward to our wedding.

The End

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