On The Road at Last (Part 1)Mature

The day of their departure for Azure finally dawned. A brush of lips to hers, brought Sarah into consciousness. She slowly blinked her eyes open.

“Is it time to get up already?” she asked looking at Jason.

“Yes, my love,” Jason's gaze was warming. “Today is the day.”

Sarah sighed and stretched. She sat up. “I guess we ought to get the show on the road and get it over with. I feel like I’ve been ready for ages.”

“I know.” Jason smiled, moving out of her way as she rose from the bed.

Sarah started dressing. “Are you going to want breakfast?” she asked as he headed down the stairs.

“No, I’ll eat with the group in the barracks,” Jason called back.

“You better not leave until I get down there then.” Sarah tried to hurry getting dressed, but it only made her have to re-lace the half corset twice.

“Do not worry Love,” he called back up, “you will have a proper goodbye as benefits our betrothed status.”

When she did finally come down Jason was waiting in the kitchen by the table. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Two steps later and he had in his arms, his lips pressed against hers. Sarah held him as close as she could letting her mental boundaries go so he could feel all she felt. Jason’s own emotions flowed into her and for a few moments they were one.

A knock on the back door broke them apart. Reed poked his head in and Jason straightened himself up. He gave Sarah one last kiss to the lips before turning upon his heel and leaving.

“Good luck,” Reed waved to her before following his Scout Sergeant.

Sarah grabbed a quick breakfast and hurried out to the front door. The other wives were there, husbands beside them. In silence they watched as Phoenix troop headed down to the gates. Sarah knew they had the hardest trek of the three groups.

Returning inside Sarah began fussing about her house. She tided what she could, lingering about things that brought up memories. Soon she ‘locked up’, though the door really wasn’t locked. Standing silent she watched as Griffon passed with his troop.

“Did you want company?” Jennifer approached Sarah after the Scouts had passed.

Sarah looked to the woman who gazed at her kindly. “No,” Sarah shook her head. “I’m going to stay at Lady Abigail’s.”

“Whatever for?” Jennifer asked surprised. She sounded hurt. “We wives take care of our own.”

Sarah stepped onto the road and took Jennifer’s hands in her own. “I don’t doubt that one bit. But Lady Abigail insisted.” It rankled Sarah to lie in this manner to Jennifer, but The King wanted secrecy. “She claims that she has so much more to teach me about being Vervellean and that staying with the Scouts wives wouldn’t teach me how to behave among the nobles that Jay sometimes consorts with.”

Jennifer smiled. “Lady Abigail does have a point there.” She gave Sarah a hug. “We’ll keep an eye on your house. Visit us if you can.”

“I’ll try.” Sarah forced a smile, knowing it would be impossible.

The End

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