One Azurean to Scare (Part 2)Mature

 “Rules of engagement are simple.” Jason walked with them to the now cleared practice square. “Fight to first blood, use any means necessary.”

He’s from General Wholawski’s camp isn’t he? Sarah asked as she squared off to face James. Jason did not respond.

“HAIT!” Mathew called and the two began to circle each other.

Push him harder Sarah, she heard Jason think as Reed called out.

“Come Smith, show him what a First Year can do.”

We are testing him, Jason continued as Sarah started working the man more.

I hate fighting to first blood, Sarah shot back as she began to press harder.

Unfortunately, James was proving to be as good as Jason was and Sarah found herself losing ground. Looking into his eyes gave Sarah the shivers. Her back hit a fence post and before she was even aware of it, a primal growl escaped her throat.

Sarah! Jason’s thought sounded as though it was being forced through water.

But, she only had vague control over herself. Her body moved on its own accord putting all her anger from being raped into forcing this man into submission. 

“SMITH!” Jason’s voice hit her full force as he stepped between her and her prey.

Sarah let her sword clatter to the ground. Fearing the worst she looked around Jay at James. The man looked terrified and was covered in nicks, including a nice gash on one cheek.

“Oh my god.”

 “Mistress Laura, please attend to the Azurean’s wounds.” Jason commanded as he deftly flipped Sarah’s sword into his hand and held it back to her. Do Not apologize, Jason commanded mentally.

“I presume you all saw that,” Jason looked to the crowd gathered about. They all nodded. “What you just saw,” he told them, “was the Warrior way. Not everyone has one, but Sarah is a bit of an expert.”

“Wish I wasn’t,” Sarah muttered. Jason flashed her a slight frown.

“If you spar with her, I highly recommend keeping her out of corners.”

“I second that.” James nodded vigorously, eliciting chuckles from the others.

Sarah flashed him an apologetic look. She remembered him now; Lieutenant James. After Prince Hermanus, he’d been the most decent fellow in Wholawski’s camp.

“Now, it appears lunch is served. Take a rest. Drink some water and eat. Lynn, Sarah and Laura you will go with the Grand-Moyther when you are done. The rest of you will continue practicing here under Mathew.”

Jason removed himself from the group. He, Sparrow and Griffon moved off to the opposite side of the courtyard.

That afternoon Grand-Moyther Magdalene tutored Sarah and the other three women, for Sparrow had been included, on how to council an abused woman. It was hard for Sarah to keep her emotions in check, especially when playing the victim during the practice sessions.

“Enough,” the Grand-Moyther stated as the sun began to set. “There are water basins in the room next to this and your clothing is already there. Return to your homes via the way you came. You will return here tomorrow under the same ruses.”

The End

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