One Azurean to Scare (Part 1)Mature

“Smith,” Mathew spoke as Sparrow brought the three women into the courtyard. “I want you to spar with Prince Hermanus.”

“Why?” Sarah asked curious.

Mathew glared but didn’t respond.

“Wait,” Gregory pulled himself off the wall. Sarah glanced at him, eyebrows raised. “That’s Goodwoman Sarah?”

Sarah rolled her eyes before striding out into the practice yard. Prince Hermanus joined her.

“Fight to disarm,” Mathew stated as he stepped up to them and adjusted the Prince’s position. “Sword only.” He stepped back to the ropes that marked off the area. “HAIT!”

Sarah lunged for the Prince as the two weeks of training with the Hopefuls kicked in. The two went back and forth around the ring.

Sarah, Jason’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

Stumbling at the disturbance, Sarah managed to duck the Prince’s next swing and use it to her advantage.


Yes? Sarah asked as she caught her breath.

Have Master Phillip bring Prince Hermanus up to the King’s audience chamber.

“Smith!” Sarah looked up at Mathew who was glaring at her.

“Master Philip needs to bring Prince Hermanus up to the King’s audience chamber.” She repeated Jason’s message.

Mathew narrowed his eyes. “Master Philip!”

Philip came over and Mathew relayed the message.  Philip nodded and he and Hermanus left the practice grounds amidst curious stares.

He’s on his way, Sarah informed Jason.

“Gregory,” Mathew turned to Jason’s brother. “Since you were so insistent upon joining us, come have a spar with,” Mathew’s gaze swept over the group. “Reed.”

Sarah watched as Gregory squared off to face Reed. She joined the group of other Scouts where Lynn and Laura waited. Mathew moved about pairing people under Sparrow and Griffon’s watchful eyes. Sarah ended up going out again, this time against one of Sparrow Troop. The man was good and kept Sarah on her toes, but eventually he managed to disarm her.

“Get some water,” Jason told her as he walked by.

Sarah nodded and went to where the bucket was. There was a new man there, looking a bit out of his element. Taking up a cup she scooped up water from the bucket and took a draught. She held it in her mouth for a bit before swallowing.

“Thirsty?” She held the cup out to the man, who was watching the matches.

He looked at her, startled. She smiled, trying to figure out where she’d seen his face before.

“Name’s Sarah,” she held out her hand. “I’d swear we’ve meet before but I’ve met so many people lately...” She looked at him curiously for he had taken a step back. “Are you okay?”

“You’re the witch.”

“What witch?” Sarah pulled her hand back and frowned.

“The one that stole the Prince...”

Sarah blinked.

“You should be dead," the man continued, "York doesn’t fail.”

“Ah James,” Jason placed a hand upon Sarah’s shoulder. “I see you remember my betrothed, Sarah Ann Smith. How about you spar with her and show us what you can do.”

Sarah turned a quizzical expression upon Jay. He did not respond. James hesitated a moment before drawing himself up.

“All right."

The End

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