Three Women to BindMature

The next morning Sarah went about things as usual. As she was getting ready for market, the expected knock came upon her door. Putting on her hat and grabbing her basket Sarah went to answer it. To her surprise, it was not the other wives, but a messenger.

“Goodwoman Sarah, I presume?” the wiry man asked.

“That would be me,” Sarah replied. “What can I do for you?”

The man bowed. “The Royal Cook has heard of your skills and requests that you impart some of your knowledge to him.”

“He has?” Sarah’s eyebrows shot up. “Well, I guess I should go talk to him.”

She looked to the other wives, who were gathered nearby. They nodded vigorously.

“We’ll let Phoenix know where you’re at,” Jennifer said as she shooed Sarah off.

“Should I bring anything?” Sarah asked the messanger.

“The Royal Cook will provide whatever you need. His Majesty has many resources at his disposal,” the man informed her.

“Right then...”

Sarah set her basket on its shelf and closed the door behind her. Waving goodbye to the other women, she set off down the street following the man. He led her past the barracks and to the castle. They went in through the main gate, but rather than going to the large doors as she had before, he took her around to the side. Merging with the men who were unloading a wagon filled with produce, they entered a gigantic kitchen. Once there the messanger led Sarah to where a man was yelling out assignments.

“He will see you when he is done,” the messanger told her before he left.

A few moments later, a little man came up to her. Sarah recognized him from her interview with the King, mostly because of the medieval clipboard.

“His Majesty will see you now,” he told her, “follow me please.”

Bewildered, Sarah followed this man though various halls and up a few stairs to a small room that overlooked a courtyard.

“You should find everything you need in here,” the man told her as he gestured for her to step inside. “When you are dressed, report to the courtyard below.”


But, the man had shut the door and was gone. To Sarah's left, there was a bed. Upon it lay three bundles of Scout clothing, including bindings. Looking out the window Sarah recognized a few of Phoenix Troop lounging about. She ducked back in before anyone saw her and quickly changed. Just as she did the last button on the vest, there was a knock. Sarah opened the door.

“Good.” The little man stood outside with Lynn. “One ready, two to go.” He left the two women alone.

“What ruse did they use on you?”  Sarah asked.

“Recruitment of Weather Mages for the Scouts.” Lynn grinned. “Apparently I’m the only one who’s not at sea or already a Scout.”

Sarah helped Lynn bind herself and don the Scout clothing. As they were about to leave, the little man returned once more with Mistress Laura.

The Moyther-to-be laughed. “You two look the part. I suppose it’s my turn then?”

“Do you need help?” Sarah asked.

“Yes.” Laura closed the door. “I’ve never bound myself before, though pants I used to wear in my youth. Silly to be worried about hiding such things,” she continued nervously as Sarah and Lynn helped her. “And to think I’m supposed to be here for my Moyther training.”

“You’ll be fine.” Sarah smiled at Mistress Laura as she buckled on her sword.

Laura smiled. “I’ll be better if I’m given a bow not a sword.” The Mistress led them to the nearest stairs. “And a horse,” she sighed. “Oh, how wonderful it would be to ride a horse again.”

Sparrow chuckled as she met them in the hall. “You’ll get used to the walking.” They stopped before the Scout Sergeant, whose smile faded as she looked them over. “Alright Recruits, out to the courtyard. Let's see what you can do.”

The End

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