Perplexing Information (Part 2)Mature

When Jason didn’t respond right away, Sarah went down to the root cellar. It was still packed with a lot of staples. Hearing a sigh she turned to see Jason sit upon the third step down.

“Would that I could tell you, but it is Scout’s business and I presume you will find out your part in it all tonight.”

Sarah nodded and gathered up a load of potatoes. When she turned around Jason was standing before her.

He gently ran his fingers down the side of her face. “I am sorry, but...”

Sarah looked at him puzzled as he took the potatoes from her. His eyes locked upon hers.

“I had to tell them about your forcing.”

“You did?” Sarah swallowed and turned to gather up peas, so much for not thinking about that again.

“Not really about it,” Jason clarified, his voice trembling slightly, “just that you had been.”

“And can you tell me why you had to tell them that?” Sarah turned and walked passed him up the steep stairs.

He followed her and set his potatoes down on the counter next to her peas. Sarah took out a paring knife and attacked the potato skins with a vengeance. She could feel him watching from behind her. Sliding down her arms, his hands stilled hers. She stood there, quivering with mixed emotions as he wrapped his arms about her.

“Sarah,” his voice was a ticklish whisper in her ear. “We’ve been tasked to rescue Princess Allmarah. Given her captor, we fear the worst. A Moyther would only be a liability on such a mission, but you...” He sighed and held her tighter. “You are, yet again, the perfect choice. It is my penance for wishing you here to be my wife.”

Smiling, Sarah set her knife down and leaned her head back onto Jay’s shoulder. It was impossible to stay mad when she could clearly feel his torment about the decision that they had made.

“If we pull it off as perfectly as last time will they let you retire?” she asked.


“Retire, resign, abdicate from the throne...”

Jason let her go as he began to laugh. Sarah spun to face him. “What?”

His only response was a kiss to her lips. He pulled back smiling.

“So what do you absolutely need from market?”

“Well cream soups are pretty hearty, so two pitchers of milk and some bread to go with it would be wonderful.”

“Need anything else form the root cellar?” he asked as he headed down for money.

“A nice armful of carrots, please.”

The End

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