From Lunch to DinnerMature

Market was a learning experience for Sarah. As the eldest wife, Jennifer took on a teaching role. Jessica was happy with this as well for she and Sarah would be sent off together to see what they could find.

“I’ll need to know how to be thrifty like Jenn is,” Jessica confided as she rested once more. “We’ll soon have another mouth to feed.” She beamed as she patted her belly.

Sarah grinned and congratulated her as they continued on. At last, the four women regrouped in the Merchant level. As they made their way up with laden baskets they discussed what stalls had the best produce and meat for this time of the year. Finally, after many rest stops for Jessica, they returned to the Sergeant housing.

Sarah had just finished putting her bread on to bake for that evening when Jason arrived.

“Lunch!” She exclaimed and hurried about to find something quick to eat.

“Did you forget?” Jason asked as he watched her amused.

“Well I had to learn about quillings and quinnies, which are completely different from dollars and cents and...” Sarah set two sandwiches down on the table with glasses of water. She heaved a sigh and stretched out her legs.

Jason picked up his sandwich. “I forgot you have not had to buy anything on your own.” He took a bite and smiled. “Such unique food you feed me.”

Sarah laughed as she chewed her own bite. “It’s just a sandwich, typical lunch, I mean supper, fare where I’m from.”

Jason chuckled. “I’m probably the only Vervellean to have had one.”

Smiling they ate in silence until at last Jason was done. He drank his water and then stood.

“Do not forget Griffon and Lynn are likely to show up tonight.”

 “I’ve got dinner covered. It was just supper I forgot.” She smiled and Jason laughed.

Kissing her forehead, he left via the back door leaving Sarah alone. She cleaned up and finished organizing the kitchen. Once dinner was stewing she puttered about the garden. Someone had planted some things, but no one had tended it in a while, so there wasn’t much to harvest. At least she could prepare it for planting in the spring. Sounds from the practice field caught her attention and she went to the garden wall to watch.

“He’s quite the catch you know.”

Sarah looked to see Jennifer stop by her, a bucket of water in hand. She set the bucket down and watched the field with Sarah.

“Don’t know how you caught him,” Jennifer turned and smiled at Sarah, “but, we’re glad to have you. Jessica won’t be able to keep up Phoenix’s house and Deer’s come spring.”

The two women glanced to the well where Jessica rested. She waved at them before hoisting a filled bucket and trudging back to her house.

“She told me she was expecting.” Sarah nodded.

Jennifer patted Sarah’s hand. “I hope you and Sergeant Phoenix are blessed soon as well. It is nice to hear children running about.”


But, before Sarah could tell her that she and Jay were not likely to have kids Jennifer had picked up her bucket and returned to her house.

“Well.” She sighed as she watched the Scouts beginning to disperse from the field. “Guess it is about time to make sure I haven’t burned dinner.”

The End

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