Invitation to MarketMature

Jason was up and dressed before the sun rose. He woke Sarah with a gentle kiss.

“Rise and shine my love, it is time for breakfast.”

“Are you making it?” Sarah asked as she yawned.

Jason chuckled from the door. “Normally, I eat in the barracks, but now I have a wife.”

“Not yet,” Sarah called after him as she got dressed. “As I understand it, we are only betrothed.”

Jason’s laughter floated up through the floor. When Sarah joined him in the kitchen, he looked up from the fireplace and smiled.

“I will get the fire going.”

Sarah grinned as she went to the root cellar. “For a man who used to live alone this sure is stocked.”

“Is that so?”

“Yup,” Sarah returned with an armload of bread and cheese.

“I would guess that my men obtained help from the other wives to stock it for us.”

Jason stood and whipped soot off his pants. Grabbing the water bucket he left Sarah in the house. She set her load of food on the counter and rummaged around. First thing, she’d have to sort and reorganize everything, if Jason... Sarah stopped her thought and smiled. This was her kitchen, she didn’t have to ask Jay for permission; at least, not unless he wanted to cook. She chuckled at the thought.

Jason smiled as he returned inside with a full water bucket. Taking it from him, Sarah set water to heating before serving a simple fare of bread and cheese. She was beginning to adjust to the Vervellean ideas of meals. Beside, to make anything more complex she would’ve had to get up well before dawn.

“Well my love,” Jason stood and planted a kiss to Sarah’s forehead, “I will be back for dinner. I am sure the other Sergeant’s wives will come by at some point to welcome you.”

“Have fun sparring the Scouts and First Years.”

Sarah waved as the kitchen door shut behind him. Sighing she started cleaning up after breakfast and reorganizing her kitchen. She’d just pulled everything out of the cupboards when there was a knock on the front door. Curious, Sarah strode to the front of the house and opened the door. She recognized the two women as Goodwoman Alice and Jennifer, wives of the Scout Sergeants who lived next door.

“We thought you might like to come to Market with us.” Alice, Hawk’s wife smiled at her.

 “That would be awes... Great.” Sarah corrected herself, smiling. “Just give me a moment to get ready.”

Jay is there any money to take to market? Sarah sent a quick thought out as she scrounged for her hat and basket.

Root cellar, he grunted. Jar is behind the ladder.

Since he was clearly concentrating on fighting, Sarah decided not to ask how much to take. Instead, she grabbed a handful to put in her pocket, hoping it would be enough. Once she was back outside Sarah donned her hat.

“Enough flowers?” A third girl giggled. The woman was Deer’s wife, if Sarah remembered correctly had joined them.

“I didn’t put any on myself I can assure you,” Sarah laughed. “But it was a gift from Lady Abigail.” Just like everything else I own for clothing right now, she thought to herself.

The four women started down the road heading towards the steps that led to the lowest level of Verdas. They chatted amicably amongst themselves as Sarah listened. But when they got to the third gate she finally had to speak up.

“So what exactly are we going to buy?”

The only time Sarah had been to market for food was when Lady Abigail invited Phoenix Troop over for dinner. Not to mention Martha had done all the shopping while she was at Griffon’s.

“Why food for today’s meals, of course.” Jessica responded cheerily. She glanced to Sarah. “Haven’t you ever been to market before?”

“Well not to buy anything myself,” Sarah sighed. “Someone else has always done the buying for me.”

“Oh dear” Jessica flopped upon a bench as they reached the merchant level. All three women were now looking at Sarah.

“Are you from a noble family of the Areni Plains, run off marry your love?” Alice whispered.

“Not quite...” Sarah wasn’t sure how to respond.

“The why doesn’t matter,” Jennifer stated. “What matters is that we teach her.” She looked to Jessica who nodded and stood. They continued their descent into the lower tiers of the Market.

“Do the Areni use quillings?” Alice asked as they began to hunt for produce.

 “Of course they don’t. They barter for everything.” Jennifer stated before turning to Sarah. “You did think to bring money with you, yes?”

“Yes,” Sarah smiled, “I did do that. But I have no idea how much I brought.”

The women gathered around her.

“You could feed the whole scout troop for a week!” Jessica giggled.

“Well we are supposed to be having guests over for dinner...”

“Well come then, we’ll show you how to spend wisely.” Jessica led them on. “No need to squander the money just because you have it.”

The End

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